22 Oct 2012

Bali Bucks – Ideas for an awesome bucks party in Bali

Bali Bucks Ideas

A good friend of mine – who is a wedding planner – recently told me there are more than 20,000 weddings per year in Bali.  Does that mean there are 20,000 stag parties in Bali every year?  I don’t think there are that many.  But there a lot.  And we organise more of them than anyone else!

So, we do know a thing or two on how make a Bali Bucks as good as it can be.

Sadly, not everyone does the research and planning to make their Bali Bucks as good as it should be.  This is a shame because Bali is one of the best places on earth to have a bachelor party.  You make a lot of things happen on Bali Bucks Party  that you can’t do back home.

In this post, we provide advice to the groom’s best man to create a stag party in Bali that everyone will love and nobody will ever forget.

Basic Plan

The ultimate guide to organising a ripper bucks party in Bali.


If you’re organising a Bali bucks party for your best mate’s destination wedding, you’ll have a diverse group to cater for.   You’ll have the groom’s best mates from school and uni; his family and friends from other parts of the world.  You’ll likely have different age groups to deal with too.  You need put something together that will give the groom a superb send off and work for everyone in the group.

You need to ‘offer something for everyone’.  We recommend a Bali Bucks Party as follows:

  • Daytime – spend the daylight hours on an adventure activity,
  • Evening / Night  – a pool party with bikini clad chicks at a private villa,
  • Late Night –  hit the best clubs in Bali

Another option for the for the daytime and into the evening is a luxury yacht party.  This is slightly more expensive but is a real treat and not to be missed if budgets can accommodate it. More on this later.

Daytime Adventure Activities

Bali Bucks Daytime Activites-ATV,Paintball & Rafting 

Bali has loads to offer the Bucks Party in the daytime.  Our favourites include white-water rafting, paintball in Uluwatu, ATV jungle safari, surf lessons on Kuta Beach, go-karting in Jimbaran and championship golf at Nirwana Bali Golf Club.   With prices for daytime adventure activities for stag parties varying from USD27 – USD200, there’s something to fit every appetite and budget.

See our blog post – Bali Bucks Activities for the daytime – for more detail on all of these and the price of each one.

If you organise your daytime adventure for your stag party through Ludih, we pick you up in our air-conditioned buses and transport you to the activity, wait for you, bring you back and make sure you have plenty beers on the bus for the journey home.

So, with the adrenaline fix administered and the sun getting low in the sky, it’s time to party.  And, the best party you’ll ever have in Bali is in a luxury private villa.

Pool Party at a Luxury Villa

This is a once-in-a-lifetime bucks party. Rent a beautiful designer private pool villa, get a DJ to spin the tunes you like; get some great food; and - of course - some beautiful girls to party with. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime bucks party you can only do in a place like Bali.

Rent a beautiful designer private pool villa; get all the alcohol you and your mates need to get you all smashed on this most special of days; get a DJ to spin the tunes you like; get some great food; and – of course – some beautiful girls to party with.

We do this all the time and people always rave about it.  See our testimonials here. And you definitely want to be making this the main event of your party.

To be honest you could try and organise a party like this yourself but you’d find it tough.  You’d need to find a villa owner that is happy to let you use his luxury villa for a bucks party; arrange all the drinks; get a DJ and sound system; organise food; hire some girls to party with; get some fire-dancers, etc.  Probably too much do on your own unless you’re totally committed to try and make the impossible happen. So we recommend you find a bucks party planner to do this for you.  This is, of course, what Ludih does and we do more Bali Bucks than anyone.

If you work with us to hook up a luxury villa party for you, our prices are between  for this range from USD120 to USD180 per person depending on the season and the size of your group.

Luxury Yacht Party

Party onboard our lurxury yacht the Waka. 

For a Bali Bucks that is truly stylish, forego the daytime adventure and villa party; instead, hire a luxury yacht for the day and do your partying on the ocean waves.

This is Bali bucks decadence at it’s finest.

Bali has some beautiful islands and waters within an hour or two of sailing.  Nusa Lembongan is one of my favourites.  I highly recommend Crystal Bay on Nusa Penida (right next to Nusa Lembongan) which is stunning.  You can drop anchor out there and swim, snorkel and fish for a while, arrange for food to be served on board, etc.

How to make the yacht party memorable?

Get yourself a truly beautiful boat.  There are a number of luxury catamarans in Bali that can be chartered for the day. We love Aneecha and Waka which can accommodate groups of 40-plus and 30-plus respectively.

Plan to leave around 11am and return to the harbour at 7pm so that you can be on the water while the sun sets.

Like the villa party, fill the boat with alcohol; beautiful chicks and arrange great food and music.  It’s a once in a lifetime party that people will talk about for years.

As far as I know, Ludih is the only company than can arrange a Bali Bucks on a yacht.  We do an amazing luxury yacht party which your mates will never forget and your people will love you for putting it together. Our luxury yacht party packages start at around USD200 per guest. You see: partying in style doesn’t always have to break the bank.

Whether you spend the day doing some adventure then a luxury villa party of partying on the open seas, you’ll want to end it getting properly smashed at one of Bali’s clubs.

Night Out Clubbing

Go crazy on a night out in Bali.

Arrange for transport for your entire group to the club.  You don’t want to be squeezing in to small smelly Bali taxis.  At a minimum get a fleet of small air-conditioned mini-vans.  And, if you really want to roll like a playa get yourselves a stretch limo or stretch hummer for the journey into the club.

Bali has loads of clubs to choose from.  We have written a whole blog post on the best clubs for a Bali Bucks.  Take your pick.  Roll VIP if you want to do it style.  Party until dawn.  Then bring the party home.

Need help?

If you’re planning a Bali Bucks and like what you read here, get in touch with us.  We can hook you up with all of the above and more.  Contact Ludih Now.