12 Oct 2014

Bali Bucks Night Packages for 2014

With the peak season upon us in Bali, we’re pleased to announce our new Bali Bucks packages for Bucks party season in Bali. Whether you want to party like a rockstar or seek out thrills and adventure on your Bali Bucks , Ludih has all you need.

And more.

Read on to find out why everyone raves about Ludih as the number one Bali Stag party organiser. And, with prices starting from USD 88 per man, you’ll able to make this work for even the biggest tightwads within your group.

Bali Bucks Night Packages

Adventure or golf in the daytime? Party on a luxury yacht with beautiful girls? A pool party at a luxury villa with beautiful girls to party with; your own DJ, chef and all the alcohol you need?

Look no further.

Adventure in the daytime and party at night

Bali Bucks - Adventure PartyThe classic Bali Bachelor party involves the following:

  • An adventure activity in the daytime
  • A pool party with beautiful girls and your own DJ at a luxury villa
  • End the night rolling VIP at Bali’s top club

After your chosen adrenaline raising adventure activity, you’ll be transported to your luxury villa where the party of your lives awaits.

As you enter, your own DJ will be spinning the tunes you like; a beautiful girl will hand you your first beer; your own chef will be cooking food for the boys. You’ll party like rockstars until its time to hit the town. And when you do, we’ll have you hooked up VIP at the best club in town. And with Ludih Ladies to party with you, you’ll definitely feel like rockstars as you walk in the club rolling VIP.

Sound like your kind of Bali Bucks party?

Check out our top picks for adventure and party Bali Bucks packages here:

Luxury Yacht Party, Dinner then VIP at a club

Bali Bucks - Yacht PartyIf partying on a luxury yacht with a bevvy of beautiful Balinese babes is how you want your Bali Bucks to roll, you’ll love the luxury yacht party, dinner and a VIP at a club package.

You’ll sail to a beautiful island and party all day on a beautiful catamaran with the gorgeous Ludih Ladies for company. Barbecue on the beach; cliff jumping; sail back to the harbour at the sun sets. Then dinner at a top restaurant before rolling VIP at the club.

Check out the luxury yacht party and dinner and VIP club package.

Golf, pool party at a luxury villa and VIP Night Out

Bali Bucks - GolfDo you have a lot of golfers in your crew?

You’ll be wanting to play 18-holes at Bali’s best golf course – Nirwana Bali Golf Club – before hitting the most amazing 19th hole ever: a luxury villa pool party with your own DJ; your own chef and beautiful girls to serve you all night. You’ll end the night rolling VIP at the best club in town.

Check out our Bali Golf, Luxury Villa Party and VIP Night Out

On a really tight budget?

Bali Bucks - BudgetAll of Ludih’s Bali Bucks packages are the best value you’ll find. We have long-standing relationships with all the top suppliers and clubs in Bali. We great discounts everywhere and we pass those savings onto you.

You couldn’t arrange what we offer for less than it would cost by going with us.

And, why would you want to organise your party yourself?

Let the professionals take care of everything and guarantee you the best party ever with none of the hassle of setting it up.

If you can your crew really are on a tight budget, we can hook you up with an awesome adventure activity and a night out rolling VIP for less than USD 88 per person.

If that’s your thing, check our Bali bucks party on a budget packages here :

Bali Bucks Weekend Packages

If you’re planning a Bali Bucks weekend, see here for our amazing packages for a Bali Bucks weekend.

More information:

Want to discuss your Bali Bucks with Ludih? Contact Us and we’ll reply within no more than a couple of hours. Get your party of lifetime started now.