Bangkok Go-karting, Luxury Pool Party & VIP Night Out

    Bangkok Stag Go-kart
    USD 258

    pick up


    We’ll pick you up form your hotel and get you to the Easy Go Kart Track. Located in RCA Plaza Bangkok, it’s one of the most premiere go kart leagues in Thailand.

    activity briefing


    These karts can shift and the track is designed with long sweeping turns so that you can keep the pedal to the metal. You’ll be feeling the g-force as you try to hold the go-kart to the racing line while flying around bends at top speed.

    go-karting grand prix


    Once you’ve felt out the track during the warm-up round, fight it out during the qualifying round. Then you and the last men standing bust out your best manoeuvres and vie for the checkered flag during the final – hang onto your lunch! These babies go up to 60km per hour, and the twists and turns will challenge even experienced drivers.

    clean up & ride back chill out & have a few


    Clean up (showers and towels are provided), when it’s all done you’ll be back on Ludih’s air-conditioned bus where you’ll enjoy a few beers on the journey back.

    pool party &
    vip night out


    Whether you’re on a stag, bucks or bachelor party or any party with your mates, you’ll party like never before at your luxury pool party then hit the town as VIPs.

    awesome extras take your party
    to the next level

    from USD25

    Bali Stag- MixologistFree Flow DrinksExtra Ludih LadiesLudih LadiesExtra SpiritsExtra SpiritsExtra BeersExtra Beers

    Stretch Hummer

    Extra Ludih Ladies

    USD120 per Ludih Lady

    Our standard party package comes with 1 Ludih Lady per 4 guests. And you and your crew will love them. Why not share the love even more and get a few extras Ludih Ladies. We can give you as many Ludih Ladies as you like.

    Bali Stag- Mixologist

    Free Flow Drinks

    USD25 per Guest – Group size of 6 – 12 pax

    USD45 per Guest – Group size of 13 – 20 pax

    Do you and your crew party hard? Can you really put the booze away?

    If so, consider upgrading your private pool party package and get the beers and spirits on complete free flow for your party duration of 4 hours. This is only for the hardcore drinkers…

    Extra Spirits

    Extra Spirits

    USD59 per bottle

    Do you and your crew party hard? Can you really put the booze away? If so, consider upgrading our package and get a couple of extra bottles of spirits for your party. Buying from us might be half of the amount you’ll pay in the club later. So why not make the most of it and get a couple of extra bottles for your party so that you hit the club fully buzzed?

    Extra Beers

    Extra Beers

    USD39 per crate of 24 beers

    Are your boys beer monsters? If so, consider getting a few extra crates of beers.

    vip night out party in style


    We’ll transport your entire crew to the best club in town on our air-conditioned buses for a night out as VIP’s in a top club. Our Ludih ladies will accompany you there and help get the party into top gear. Party for as long as you like and since the villa is yours until 11 a.m. the next day, you can bring the party home. Go for it. Party as hard as you like for as long as you like!



    Price: From USD 258

    What’s included?

    The Bangkok Go Karting, Luxury Pool Party & VIP Night Out includes:

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