Bangkok Golf, Dinner & Club

    Bangkok Stag Golf
    USD $179

    pick up


    At 10am* we’ll pick you and your crew up for a round of golf. Enjoy all the VIP trimmings as we transport you there on our air-conditioned bus.
    *This schedule assumes up to 6 flights of golfers. Large groups require an earlier meet. Smaller groups will arrive at the hotel earlier in the afternoon.

    tee off


    At 11.00am, the first flight tees off. We hook your whole group up with consecutive tee times.

    19th holesnacks and drinks


    At about 4pm the last flight completes their round. Grab a coffee, and share the highlights of the game.

    clean up & ride back chill out & have a few


    At 5pm clean up and you’ll be back on Ludih’s air-conditioned bus where you’ll enjoy a few beers on the journey back.

    dinner & club


    At 7:30 pm we’ll pick you up from your accommodation and get you to dinner at Siam@Siam one of Bangkok’s top restaurants. At about 11:30 pm we’ll take you to the Levels Night Club where you can party the night away!



    Price: From $179 USD

    What’s included?

    The Bangkok Golf, Dinner & A Club includes:

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