Macau Dinner and a Club

    Enjoy dinner at one of Macau’s top restaurants then roll VIP at Macau’s Best nightclub. Ride in a stretch limo to the restaurant and the club.
    Macau Party Animal Stag Night
    USD 29


    • Dinner at Macau’s top restaurant
    • VIP at Macau’s best club
    • Stretch limo transport to the restaurant and club

    What Happens:

    Have a night out in style with the boys. Dine at Macau’s best restaurants before ending the night rolling VIPs in the best nightclub in Macau. Stretch limo to the restaurant and the club.

    What’s included?

    The Macau Dinner and a Club package includes:

    • Stretch limo to the restaurant and the club
    • Reservation for dinner at a top restaurant in Macau
    • VIP status and a table at the best club in Macau

    Note: this package includes the reservations and stretch limo transport only. All spend at the restaurant and club are the responsibility of the customer.


    • 9:00 p.m. Depart for dinner
    • 11:30 p.m. Depart for club

    Price: USD 29 per guest

    Minimum of 6 people.

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    Questions and Answers

    What do I get?
    Stretch limo to the restaurant and the club and reservations for dinner and VIP at the club. Everything else (i.e. what you eat and drink) you pay for yourselves in the restaurant and nightclub.

    Which restaurant do we go to?
    Any restaurant you like! We will make recommendations for you based on your food preference and budget. You can choose Michelin starred ultra-fine dining (budget USD 150 – USD 200 per head); or high quality casual dining (USD 50 – USD 100 per head) or something cheap and cheerful (USD 20 – USD 40). Tell us what you like; we’ll recommend the best options and book you a top table.

    What club do we go to?
    We work primarily with Cubic in City of Dreams; China Rouge in Galaxy and Divino in AIA Tower. We’ll recommend a club depending on what is happening on that particular night; e.g. special DJs or other events. We’ll discuss this with you before your event and make a reservation for your crew. Note: VIP will require a minimum spend at the club. This is typically anything between
    USD 20 – USD 50 per person. Check with us for details. If you don’t want to roll VIP at the club you can choose to pay a cover charge. This is anything up to USD 10 – USD 20 depending on the club.

    Is there a dress code?
    Yes, but it’s not too strict. Cool people go clubbing in Macau in casual chic attire. At a minimum, wear shoes, tailored jeans and a collared shirt. Some clubs are OK with sneakers, but some aren’t. You won’t look out of place in the better clubs with a cool suit or tailored / designer shirt and trousers. Make the effort and you’ll impress the ladies.

    How much driving is involved?
    Expect 5 – 15 minutes drive between each venue.

    Can we get some Ludih Ladies to accompany us?
    Yes. For USD 199 each, a couple of Ludih Ladies can come party with you and your crew. They’ll stay in the club until 1am – later if they’re having a good time. Minimum booking : 2 Ludih Ladies (i.e. USD 398). All spend for food and drink for the Ludih Ladies is the responsibility of the customer.


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