Macau Luxury Hotel Suite Party

    Live like a high roller. Have a private party in your own luxury hotel suite with great drinks and beautiful girls. Then roll VIP at the best club in Macau.
    Macau Stag - Hotel Suite Party
    USD 109


    • Spacious opulent luxury hotel suite.
    • Enough alcohol to drown a whale.
    • Great food.
    • Amazing Ludih Ladies
    • VIP status at the best club in town.

    What Happens:

    Spacious opulent luxury hotel suite. Check. Enough alcohol to drown a whale. Check. Great food. Check. Beautiful girls. Check. Stretch limo waiting outside. Check. VIP status at the best club in town. Check.

    Is this how you and your crew like to party?

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    You’ll walk into your luxury hotel suite and be stunned by the jaw dropping views. And, I am not talking about the beautiful views of the Cotai strip from your hotel room. I’m talking about the lovely Ludih Ladies who will be taking care of you and your mates all night. The Ludih Ladies bring the party. And, before long you and your mates will be right into it. As you walk in, the Ludih Ladies will hand you your first drink. And they’ll keep handing drinks to you all night. There is no need to worry about your glass being half-empty at this party! Feeling peckish? No worries. The Ludih Ladies will serve you a delicious array of snacks and finger food from the hotel’s room service. Bring your iPod. Your luxury hotel suite has a killer sound system. You definitely want your favourite tunes playing as you enjoy the company of the hottest babes, coolest drinks and tastiest food Macau has to offer. Then when you’re ready to hit the club, the Ludih Ladies will take you there. You’ll leave the hotel and jump into the fleet of stretch limos waiting at the lobby to take you and your crew to the best gentlemen’s club in Macau. There’s no need to wait in line. You’ll all be hooked up VIP and will jump the queue as you and the beautiful Ludih ladies are escorted to your table. How’s that for an entrance?  If that is not enough, the bachelor will get a special on the stage show by the sexy Divino Angels.


    What’s included?

    The Macau Luxury Hotel Suite Party and VIP Night Out includes:

    • Spacious, luxury hotel suite (100 + sqm) for the night
    • Ludih Ladies – 1 Ludih Lady per 4 guests
    • 5 beers per guest*
    • 1 bottle of spirits per 3 guests*
    • Delicious food
    • Stretch limo transport to the gentleman’s club **
    • A special show at the gentleman’s club for the bachelor

    *More alcohol can ordered as necessary. See Q&A for details.

    **Note VIP status at the club might require a minimum spend. See Q&A for details.


    • 8:00 p.m. Arrive at hotel suite
    • 11:30 p.m. Depart for club by stretch limo and party all night

    Price: From USD 109 per guest

    Everything above is available for only USD 109 per guest for Ludih in-house guests
    (i.e. guest’s who have booked Macau stag accommodation through Ludih) for a minimum of 6 guests with Ludih.

    If you and your crew aren’t staying with Ludih, the package is available as follows:

    • USD 199 (6 – 10 guests)
    • USD 149 (11 – 19 guests)
    • USD 129 (20+ guests)

    Make it Bigger

    Create a full-day or weekend event with the following packages that include Macau Luxury Hotel Suite Party:

    Questions and Answers

    What time does the party start and finish?
    The party starts at 8 p.m. Around 11.30 p.m. we pick you up in your stretch limo and and take you to the club.

    What do the Ludih Ladies do?
    You can find out all you need to know about the Ludih Ladies on our Ludih Ladies page. They will come to the club and stay for at least the first hour. If they’re having a good time, they will probably stay even longer!

    What should I bring to the hotel suite party?
    Nothing. Just wear clothes to go clubbing. See next question.

    What’s the dress code at the club?
    Wear a pair of shoes (designer sneakers are OK), long pants (tailored jeans are normally fine) and a collared shirt.

    Where is the hotel suite located?
    Our parties take place in the first class luxury 5 hotel hotel suites on the famous Cotai Strip. We use several of the top and most luxurious hotels in this area including Sheraton, Galaxy and Hard Rock.

    How much alcohol is included in the package?
    Enough to floor an elephant. – 5 beers per guest – 1 bottle of spirits for every 3 guests (rounded up) And more can be ordered if needed. See later.

    What spirits do we get included in the package?
    Our standard alcohol package consists housepour spirits such as Bacardi rum, Absolut Vodka and Jack Daniels. This is all you need for a great party. Although, if you wish, you can request different spirits.

    Are mixers for the spirits included?
    Yes, we give you a full set of standard mixers such as sodas and juices.

    Can more alcohol be ordered if we run out?
    Yes, we have loads more alcohol available at very reasonable prices.

    What sort of food is served?
    A selection of dishes from the hotel’s room service.

    Which club do we go to?
    When your party is over we’ll take you and your crew to Divino, one of the hottest clubs in town. The bachelor will receive a special on stage performance. Other clubs possible to hook up are Cubic in City of Dreams on Cotai Strip. You’ll all be on the guest list and rolling VIP, subject to minimum spends, so don’t worry about having to queue and pay a cover.
    For those interested, we also have VIP packages with the super exclusive invitation-only China Rouge.

    What do we get for VIP status?
    You can expect to be on a priority guest list and will avoid the queue. Inside, you’ll get a table and will enjoy table service with your server dedicated to making sure your glass is always full.

    What’s the minimum spend for the VIP status at the club?
    This varies between USD 30 – USD 50 per head depending on the night. It may be more expensive if there is a headline international DJ playing that night.

    Can I get private room at the club?
    Yes, we can arrange for a private room on the mezzanine level in the club. Budget a minimum spend varies between USD 100 – USD 150 per head for a private room. If you want this, just let us know in advance and we can hook it up for you.

    How do we get from the hotel suite party to the nightclub?
    When you are ready to roll from the villa to the club, we’ll take you there in our fleet of stretch limos (unless of course, your party takes place in one of the hotels in City of Dreams (Hard Rock) in which case you’ll just need to walk down through the COD complex).

    Can we return to the hotel suite after the club?
    Yes, up to 3 people can stay officially at the hotel suite overnight.



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