Phuket Dusk ‘til Dawn

    Start your night out with sunset at the coolest beach bar in Phuket. Enjoy dinner at a top restaurant. Hit a ‘gentleman's club’ club then end the night rolling VIP in the best club in town.
    Phuket Stag - Dusk til Dawn
    USD 29


    Enjoy a night out in style with your crew. Roll at all the top places before ending the night as VIPs at the best club in town.

    • Sunset drinks at Phuket’s coolest beach bar – Cafe Del Mar Beach Club
    • Delicious dinner at a top restaurant in Phuket
    • Exclusive experience at Phuket’s top gentlemen’s club
    • VIP at a top club to end the night

    What’s included?

    The Phuket Dusk ‘til Dawn package out gives you all this:

    • Transport and bookings at all venues by Ludih on your behalf
    • Reserved seats for a great spot for Sunset at Cafe Del Mar Beach Club
    • Reservation for dinner at one of Phuket’s best restaurants – PLUM at Cape Sienna
    • Reservation for drinks and a performance at the best gentlemen’s club in town
    • VIP status at the best club in town

    Note: this package includes the reservations and bookings only. All spend at the beach club; restaurant; gentlemen’s club and nightclub are the responsibility of the customer.


    4:30 pm Pick up and transport to Cafe Del Mar Beach Club

    7:30 pm Depart for dinner at PLUM, Cape Sienna

    10:00 pm Depart for gentlemen’s club

    11:45 pm Depart for night club

    Price: USD 29 per guest

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    Questions and Answers

    What do I get from Ludih?
    We make bookings for your entire crew so that you get bookings in all the prime locations for your night out. We provide air-conditioned transport for your crew all night. All other spends (i.e. what you eat, drink and smoke) is your own responsibility.

    What restaurant do we go to?
    We hook you with dinner at PLUM at Cape Sienna.

    Can we choose a different restaurant?
    Yes, we’ll take you to any restaurant you like and will provide alternative recommendations if you need.

    What Gentleman’s club do we go to?
    Suzy Wong’s Devil’s Playground in Patong. Drinks are reasonably priced and we’ll arrange an exclusive performance for the main man in your party.

    What club do we go to?
    Hollywoods in Patong. VIP status requires a minimum spend of less than USD 25 per person (e.g. buy one bottle of spirits costing USD 80 – USD 100) between 4 people.

    Is there a dress code?
    Frankly, in Phuket, you can get away with wearing very casual clothes. However….bear in mind you’ll be rolling in some of the coolest places in Phuket so dress appropriately.

    How much driving is involved?
    Catch Beach Club is in Surin, roughly 10 mins drive from Plum in Bang Tao. From Bang Tao you’ll travel south to Patong which takes around 30 minutes.

    Can we get some Ludih Ladies to accompany us?
    Yes. For USD 80 per Ludih Lady, they’ll come with you all night. And stay in the club until 1am. Minimum booking 2 Ludih Ladies. All spend for food and drink for the Ludih Ladies is the responsibility of the customer.


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