Phuket Lady Boy Tandem Bungee Jump

    Ever been bungee jumping? Ever been bungee jumping whilst tied to a lady boy? Yeah, we thought not. Only in Phuket.
    Phuket Stag - Ladyboy Bungee
    USD 399


    Only in Phuket can you tie your mate to a ladyboy and have them do a bungee jump together.

    • Bungee jump tandem with a bona fide Thai Ladyboy
    • All your mates can watch
    • Videos and DVDs available


    What Happens:

    Ummm…what can we say to describe this? Take a willing lady boy. Attach him (her?) to an unwilling groom-to-be. Tie both parties to a long stretchy rope. Get them both jump off a 50 metre high platform whilst tied together. Then laugh your asses off as you see what true fear looks like in the eyes of the groom. Yeah, I think that just about sums it up.

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    We recommend that whoever is planning the stag party schedule this following a daytime adventure activity and before the villa party. Following the activity, we’ll transport your crew to the bungee site where your beautiful lady boy will be waiting. Then, the rest – as they say – will be history.
    And, we’ll even give you a DVD of the whole event, to make sure it is recorded history!


    What’s included?

    • Transport to the bungee jump location
    • A willing lady boy
    • One tandem bungee jump

    When you and your mates have all gone through your jumps, we’ll head back in our air-condition Ludih Bus. In case you didn’t get enough to drink at the lakeside bar, we’ll have plenty of beer for the trip back.

    Price: USD 399 per jump

    Make it Bigger

    Create a full-day or weekend event with the following packages that include Phuket Stag Lady Boy Tandem Bungee Jump:


    Questions and Answers

    How does it work?
    We’ll get you all set up with the safety equipment and the bungee professional will walk you through the entire process so you know exactly what to expect. When you’re ready, you’ll hop into the jump cage with your best friend for the next 10 minutes which will take you to the top of the 50m crane shaft. At the top, you’ll face the moment of truth. Jump and forever know you have balls of steel. Or, find out if the Lady Boy still has balls of steel or not.

    What about safety?
    Well bungee jumping isn’t exactly the sport for someone who is primarily concerned for personal safety. But this isn’t some sketchy backwater joint either. The jumping is fully licensed and insured. It’s even under New Zealand management.


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