26 Mar 2013

Bali Bucks : A Groomsman’s Guide

Bali Bucks : A Groomsman’s Guide

You’ve been tasked with planning a Bali Bucks.  It could be a Bucks Party preceding a destination wedding for your best mate in Bali.  Or you could be organising a weekend stag party in Bali.

Read on to find out how to make it a Bali Bucks everyone will think you’re a hero for hooking up…

Bali Bucks Night

Read this if you’re organising a one-day bucks night party in Bali »

Bali Bucks Weekend

If you’re planning a Bali Bucks Weekend this is the place for you.   Do you want amazing villas to stay in; parties that are off the chain; some adventure and definitely a surprise and treat or two for the groom-to-be?

If so, read our guide on how to plan the ultimate Bali Bucks that your mates will be raving about forever.

1) Plan early

Start at least 3 months prior to the event and get the dates locked in and communicated to everyone.  Suggest some flights and get everyone to book their flights as soon as possible.  The more people that you get to book their flights early the more people you’ll end up having on your Bali Bucks.

2)  Book luxury villas in a great area

This is your best mate’s last weekend away with his mates as a single man. Make sure the accommodation is absolutely top notch.

Bali Bucks Activities

Bali has a huge number of luxury villas.  And for a Bucks Party in Bali you definitely want your crew staying in a luxury villa with a private pool.  Seminyak is a great area where loads of top villas are located.   For less than USD 100 per person per night you can expect to stay in some luxury villas in Seminyak.

Make sure that the villa you choose includes an airport pick up. Even better, arrange for beers in the bus that picks you up so that you can sink a few cold ones en-route to the villa.

Another must-have is a breakfast prepared daily by your own chef in your villa. Most of the top villas have this and make sure that it is included as standard in the villa you book.

3) Sort the itinerary out early

With so many people with different ideas, you have to take the lead in planning the itinerary for your mate’s Bali Bucks.    You can definitely do loads without breaking the bank (remember: not everyone in the group will want to spend a grand for 2 days in Bali).

Bali Bucks Activities

Based on our experience, use the following itinerary as a guide for a great action and fun packed Bali Bucks weekend that can be done for 300 bucks or less.

Friday :

Saturday :

Sunday :

  • You’ll all be knackered so chill out at the pool and recount the shenanigans of the weekend that was before returning to the airport.

In our experience, a Bali Bucks weekend like this (including 2 nights luxury villa accommodation) can be done for USD 250 – 350 per person.  This is great value and should fall within everyone’s budget.

4) Get help

Do your research, talk to suppliers, planners and organisers of Bucks Parties in Bali. See who can help.  With research many things can be done on your own (e.g. villa bookings, restaurant bookings, etc.), but we recommend you seek local help with at least the following things:

  • making VIP bookings at bars and clubs
  • organising a party with booze, birds and a DJ at your luxury villa
  • hiring a luxury yacht for a yacht party
  • arranging transport to / from venues

There are lots of companies out there that can help with planning a Bali Bucks.  Some are more reliable than others.  Ask any company that you contact to show you references from customers whom they have helped plan Bali Bucks weekends in the past.  Check them out online for reviews.

Naturally we recommend ourselves.  Ludih organises more Bali Bucks parties than anyone else.  Check out Ludih’s Bali Bucks ideas.

5) Enjoy your weekend

When everything is in place, you should be able to relax and enjoy the weekend.

Bali Bucks

And make sure you look after your best mate.   Have some fun at his expense but know where the line is and make sure it doesn’t get crossed by any of the lads. He’s relying on you to look after him. So, bring him home in one piece and make sure he enjoys the weekend as much as – if not more than – everyone else does.

More information:

Want to discuss your Bali Bucks ideas with Ludih?  Contact Us and we’ll reply within no more than 3 or 4 hours, often less.