Bali Go-kart

    Burn rubber in a Bali go-kart grand-prix with your mates. Super-fast 60 kmph karts. The track - exclusive to you and your crew.
    Bali Stag - Go-kart
    USD 59


    Easily one of the best daytime activities in Bali for all the group. Enjoy flying past as your mates spin off into the dust around the track.

    • Super quick go-karts
    • Full grand-prix style track with challenging and fast corners
    • Grand prix style event with practice and a grand-prix final
    • Safety instruction and equipment
    • Transport to and from your accommodation
    • Beers on the bus on the journey home


    What Happens:

    These karts can shift. They have a top speed of 60 kmph and the track is designed with long sweeping turns so that you can keep the pedal to the metal. You’ll be feeling the g-force as you try to hold the go-kart to the racing line while flying around bends at top speed.

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    If you wish to upgrade and to make sure there’ll be no muppets getting in your way. Contact Ludih now, to make sure the track is completely closed to you and your crew. You have it all to yourselves. So you can go as fast as you like and focus completely on proving that you are the king of the track.You’ll start with a practice session, then on to race qualifying and grand final, as well a losers play-off. When the dust settles and the smell of burning rubber and petrol has lifted, you’ll have a chance to talk about it over a few beers that we provide for you. And, after your Bali go-kart grand prix is over, we don’t leave you stranded at the track waiting for a taxi. With Ludih, return transfers in our air-conditioned bus are all part of the deal.

    What’s included?

    This Bali Go-kart activity includes :

    • Transportation to and from the track in our air-conditioned minivans
    • Safety equipment: helmet and racing gloves
    • Whole group racing versus exclusively together
    • Exclusive use of 60 kmph racing go-karts
    • 4 sessions in the kart: practice, qualifying Semi Final and a grand final
    • Starter, race marshals and chequered flag
    • Drinking water
    • 3 beers each after the races have finished


    • 12:30 p.m. Pick and up depart for go-kart track
    • 1:30 p.m. Get changed; safety briefing and instructions
    • 2:00 p.m. Practice, qualifying and races
    • 3:30 p.m. Depart go-kart site and enjoy some beers on the journey home
    • 5:00 p.m. Arrive at accommodation or villa party

    Price: US$59

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    Questions and Answers

    What is the race format?
    Your group will be divided into groups of up to 5 racers. Each racer will have up to 4 sessions in the go-kart with each session lasting around between 4-8 minutes. Fast racers will complete up to 6 laps of the 400m circuit in around 3-4 mins. The 4 sessions are:– Practice (3 laps) – Qualifying (8 mins) – Semis (4 mins) and Grand-final (4 mins).  After qualifying the line-ups for the finals will be formed with pole and forward grid positions going to those who were fastest in qualifying to finish with a 4 minute F1 battle.

    Is it dangerous?
    The track takes reasonable safety precautions and has tires surrounding the track to stop you when you spin. However, this is still classified as a somewhat dangerous activity particularly if you are reckless. You’ve been warned. Drive fast but drive safe.

    Is there insurance?
    You aren’t insured. So you’ll be liable for any damage you cause to yourself; to others; to the
    go-kart or the facilities at the track.

    What go-karts are used?
    These are 270 cc, 9 HP go-karts that travel up to 60 kmph. The exact specifications are:– Honda 4 stroke engine– Max speed 60 kmph.

    What to wear or bring?
    Importantly: wear closes shoes. Flip-flops / thongs do not provide adequate protection to your feet. You must wear closed shoes. Other than that wear shorts and a t-shirt. And bring some sun-screen.

    What safety equipment is provided?
    You’ll be given a race helmet with a visor and head band as well as some protective racing gloves.

    Is there an age limit to participate?
    Yes, the age limit is 10 years old.

    Where is the track located?
    Jimbaran in the south of Bali. It is a 40 – 60 minutes drive from Seminyak depending on traffic conditions.

    Is lunch provided?
    No. Eat before you come.  We can however cater so let the Ludih team know in advance.

    Are refreshments provided?
    Yes – drinking water is provided to all guests. After the races are complete, we’ll provide you with 3 beers each.

    Are there lockers for our valuables?

    Are there toilets and showers?


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