Bali Luxury Villa Party & VIP Night Out

    Whether you're on a stag, bucks or bachelor party or any party with your mates, you'll party like never before at your Bali Villa Party then hit the town as VIPs.
    Bali Stag - Luxury Villa Party & VIP Night Out
    USD 89


    You and your mates can party like rockstars with the famous Ludih Ladies in a private pool party in your own luxury villa:

    • Awesome pool party in your own private luxury villa
    • Beautiful bikini clad girls to serve you food and drinks
    • Your own DJ
    • Your own private chef
    • All the beer and alcohol you need included
    • Followed by a night out rolling VIP at Bali’s top club


    What Happens:

    You and your crew will rock at your designer villa late-afternoon to get the villa party started. As you arrive, you’ll be greeted by our delectable Ludih ladies as they hand you the first drink of many. You’ll have all the beer, spirits and liquor that you need.

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    You’ll even have your own DJ and banging sound system to spin the tunes you and your crew need to get the party jumping. Hungry? Not for long. You’ll have your own chef cooking delicious food in your own kitchen. Keep on drinking and have some fun with our Ludih ladies as they party with you and your crew to get the party rocking. The villa is yours and you can party as hard as you like. But the fun doesn’t stop in your villa. At around 10.30 p.m., we’ll transport your entire crew to the best club in town on our air-conditioned buses for a night out as VIP’s in a top club. Our Ludih ladies will accompany you there and help get the party into top gear. Party for as long as you like and since the villa is yours until 11 a.m. the next day, you can bring the party home. Go for it. Party as hard as you like for as long as you like!

    What’s included?

    This Bali Luxury Villa Party & VIP Night Out activity includes :

    • Your own luxury designer villa for the day
    • Alcohol: 8 beers per guest and 1 bottle of spirits between every 3 guests
    • Ludih Ladies: 1 Ludih Lady for every 4 guests
    • DJ and sound system
    • Delicious food prepared by your own chef in your villa
    • Transportation in our air-conditioned bus to a top club after the party
    • VIP status at the club. There’s no queue and you’ll have VIP tables waiting

    Note: VIP status requires a minimum spend (See Q&A for more details)


    • 5:00 p.m. You and crew arrive at the villa and the party gets started.
    • 10:30 p.m. Transport to a top club in town where you’ll be VIPs.
    • After that it’s up to you!

    Price: From US$89

    • 6 – 8: USD199 / USD129*
    • 9 – 11: USD189 / USD119*
    • 12 – 13: USD149 / USD109*
    • 14 – 16: USD139 / USD99*
    • 17 – 20: USD129 / USD99*
    • 21+: USD119 / USD89*

    * Pricing based on in-house Ludih villa guest OR Party held within the guests own villa

    Awesome Extras: From US$25

    bbqBBQFire DancerFire DancerStretch HummerStretch HummerBabi GulingBabi GulingExtra Ludih LadiesLudih LadiesBali Stag- MixologistMixologistExtra SpiritsExtra SpiritsExtra BeersExtra Beers



    USD15 per person

    Upgrade to a top quality BBQ combining of meat and seafood that certainly goes down well with your ice cold beers with the Luxury Villa Party package, this is a real treat!

    Fire Dancer

    Fire Dancer

    USD199 per item

    This is a spectacular performance by 3 sexy firedancers that move with grace and power. They will dance to the beats that the DJ plays while the flames fly at high speed around them. It will have your mates mesmerized. We will hook you up with 3 fire-dancers for 2 x 15 minute fire dancer performance.

    Babi Guling

    Babi Guling

    USD199 per pig

    Babi Guling (whole pig on a spit roast) is a true Balinese delicacy. No trip to Bali is complete without trying Babi Guling. We’ll set up a pig on a spit roast for you in your villa. The perfect food for when you start to get the munchies after a few beers.

    Stretch Hummer

    Stretch Hummer

    USD500 per journey

    Upgrade your travel to the club and make a real entrance in a stretch Hummer. Available on a per journey basis. Perfect for that trip from your villa to the club as you roll VIP for the night. Maximum capacity 10 guests.

    Extra Ludih Ladies

    Extra Ludih Ladies

    USD99 per Ludih Lady

    Our standard party package comes with 1 Ludih Lady per 4 guests. And you and your crew will love them. Why not share the love even more and get a few extras Ludih Ladies. We can give you as many Ludih Ladies as you like.

    Bali Stag- Mixologist


    USD150 per mixologist

    Want to add that Tom Cruise ‘Cocktail’ flavour to your party? Look no further! Hire your very own Mixologist to create your favourite drinks throughout your party.

    Extra Spirits

    Extra Spirits

    USD59 per bottle

    Do you and your crew party hard? Can you really put the booze away? If so, consider upgrading our package and get a couple of extra bottles of spirits for your party. Buying from us might be half of the amount you’ll pay in the club later. So why not make the most of it and get a couple of extra bottles for your party so that you hit the club fully buzzed?

    Extra Beers

    Extra Beers

    USD39 per crate of 24 beers

    Are your boys beer monsters? If so, consider getting a few extra crates of beers.

    Make it Bigger

    Create a full-day or weekend event with great activities and awesome parties:

    Questions and Answers

    What are the Ludih Ladies? What do they do?
    Take a look at the Ludih Ladies page for all you need to know.

    What’s the villa like and where is it located?
    The party villas are stunning and are located in central Seminyak. Follow this link to read and see some pics of our Bali luxury party villas.

    What should I bring to the pool party?
    Bring some gear to chill by the pool (e.g. a pair of boardshorts, flip-flops and sunscreen) and a change of clothes to go out to the club at night.

    Can we sleep in the villa?
    Yes, the villa is yours until 11 a.m. the next day. This dependant upon the size of the villa. Typically, we use 3 bedroom villas so up to 6 guests respectively are able to stay overnight. Feel free to bring the party home from the club… if you can!

    Can I leave my stuff at the villa overnight?
    Yes. The villa is yours until the following day. Anything you don’t wear to the club at night can be left at the villa overnight.

    Can I add to the standard package?
    Yes, we have a wide range of extras that you can add to the standard luxury villa party package.

    What if we run out of alcohol?
    More alcohol can be ordered at reasonable prices and paid for as needed.

    How much alcohol is included in the package?
    Our package includes the following alcohol:– 8 beers per guest– 1 bottle of spirits for every 3 guests (rounded up to the nearest 3. If you are 17 people, we’ll give you 6 bottles of spirits; if you are 28 people we’ll provide you with 10 bottles)

    What spirits do we get included in the package?
    You can take your choice from a wide range of standard house pour spirits such as Absolute Vodka, Bacardi, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Jose Cuervo, etc. We also include all the standard mixers you’ll need.

    Can I pick the spirits and mixers I want?
    Yes, after making your booking, Ludih’s Experience team will contact the leader of your group to confirm the house pour spirits and mixers you want.

    What sort of food do you serve?
    Your own chef will be preparing delicious dishes for you and your crew.

    Which club do we go to after the Luxury villa pool party?
    We normally take our guests to La Favela in Seminyak where you’ll be on the guest list and have tables in the VIP area. Speak to your Ludih representative for more information on this. Other club options include Mirrors in Petitenget (adjacent to Seminyak), Cocoon or Sky Garden in Legian. The clubs in Seminyak are busy on weekends during peak season but tend to be quiet at other times. See our guide to Bali’s best bars and clubs for the other venues we rate. VIP entrance is subject to certain minimum spend requirements.If there is an event happening (e.g. a visiting International DJ) at another of the big venues (e.g. Potato Head or Kudeta) we can arrange for VIP tables at these venues too. However, these events often require guests to purchase tickets which will be the at the cost of the guests. And VIP privileges will be a little more expensive on big nights.

    Is there a dress code in Bali?
    This depends on the club.  Our recommendation is to talk to a Ludih representative for more information on this. Majority of clubs allow shorts and t-shirts if fashionable.  Some clubs allow trousers/jeans only with trainers.  Talk to us!


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