Bali Paintball

    Shoot your mates in a skirmish of Bali paintball. What better way to enjoy each others company than pelting the living crap out of each other with paintballs?
    Bali Stag - Paintball
    USD 49


    Pelt the living daylights out of your friends at Bali’s first and only tactical paintball battle site

    • Bali’s first and only tactical paintball battle site
    • Top quality USA imported semi-automatic paint guns
    • Full safety instruction and equipment
    • Transport to / from your accommodation included
    • Beers on the bus on the way home


    What Happens:

    Engage in multiple formats of paintball battles as you and your mates determine who can be the last man standing.

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    We work exclusively with Paintball Bali which is Bali’s biggest and best paintball venue. Set in a beautiful location on Bukit Ungasan in the south of the island, Gong Paintball has a battlefield spread over 3 hectares. We’ll pick you up and transport you to the paintball site in our air-conditioned vans. After a safety briefing and instruction, you and your crew will split into two teams and engage in a game of capture the flag followed by attack and defend. In total, you’ll be battling it out for 70 minutes with breaks between paintball sessions. So be ready for a tough battle in Bali.

    What’s included?

    This Bali Paintball activity includes :

    • Transport to and from your accommodation in Bali to the paintball battlefield site
    • Safety briefing and instruction
    • All the equipment you need including guns, goggles, helmet and jumpsuit
    • 200 paintballs
    • 2 x 20 minute skirmishes of capture the flag
    • 2 x 15 minute skirmishes of attack and defend
    • Mineral water
    • 3 beers each on the bus on your way home


    • 11:00 a.m. Pick and up depart from villa to paintball field
    • 12:00 p.m. Lunch at battlefield site
    • 12:30 p.m. Get changed; safety briefing and instructions
    • 1:00 p.m. Skirmishes start
    • 3:00 p.m. Complete skirmishes and change clothes
    • 3:30 p.m. Depart battlefield site and enjoy some beers on the journey home
    • 4:30 p.m. Arrive at accommodation or book the luxury villa party package

    Price: US$49

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    Questions and Answers

    What do we need to wear and bring?
    We provide you with a jumpsuit, cap and protective equipment. You should wear the following:
    light clothes such as shorts and t-shirt closed shoes or trainers with laces.
    Avoid sandals, flip flops or thongs since these will not provide adequate protection or support your feet. light clothes such as shorts and t-shirt Sunscreen

    How long is the journey from Ludih’s villa to the Bali paintball field?
    About 45 – 60 minutes in normal traffic conditions.

    What is ‘Capture the flag’ and ‘Attack and Defend’?
    Capture the Flag: This ‘capture the flag’ or ‘flag in the middle’ is played in Castle Island field. The objective of this game is to capture the flag (which is placed in the middle of the field) and deliver it to the enemy’s starting point without being shot. In one game we have two sessions that go for approximately fifteen minutes each. In both sessions we introduce what we call the ‘reincarnation period’. If you get shot in the first five minutes of that session (and the bullet splats) you are not out of the game, you simply return to your starting point and then re-enter the game. But if you are shot after the first five minutes, you must leave the field immediately.

    Attack and Defend: Attack and defend is played in the Kampung Bali field. We play the ‘attack the enemy’ game where one team is being the defender of Kampung Bali and the other team is the attacker. The defending team is not allowed to leave the shelters until the attacking team has fired a shot, but the defending team can shoot at the attacking team from inside the shelters. There is no reincarnation period and the winning team is the team with the last man standing. There are two sessions in this game and each session lasts for approximately 20 minutes.

    Is lunch provided?

    Does the paint wash off from my clothes?
    You will be wearing our full length jumpsuits which cover your body to protect your clothes. Our paintballs also use water-soluble paint which easily washes off most clothing. However, we offer no guarantees. Don’t wear clothing that you are not prepared to damage and avoid wearing clothing made from delicate fabrics.

    Are there lockers to store my clothing and valuables?
    Yes. Secure lockers and changing facilities are provided.

    What equipment is provided?
    Gong Paintball Bali provide the latest equipment imported from the USA. Each battler will be provided with the following:– GTF Semi-automatic paintgun– V-force mask: the most advanced form of face and eye protection– Military style camouflage paintball jumpsuit (various sizes available) and cap– 300 gelatine shelled paintballs. We use only top quality paintballs.


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