Bali ATV / Quad Biking

    On these ATV quad bikes, you’ll cover 12 km while flying up and down steep hills, trying to keep control of the quad bike as you speed around the mountains. ATV Quad Biking is an awesome activity for your Bali Stag Party
    Bali Stag - Thrill Seeker Stag Weekend
    USD 99


    Zoom through the gnarly jungle trails on Bali’s most powerful quad bikes.

    • Gnarly rough trail through steep jungle terrain and local villages
    • Super powerful 5-speed Kawasaki ATV / quad bikes
    • 1 hour and 45 minutes on the trails
    • Lunch included
    • Transport by minibus to / from your accommodation included
    • Beers on the bus on the way home


    What Happens:

    You and your mates will love our Bali ATV Quad bike adventure. Don’t be fooled as this is an adrenaline filled adventure!

    Click here to find out more…The imported Kawasaki 4-wheel drive quad bikes dirt bikes are quick, powerful yet nimble. You’ll be navigating your way around rivers, mud trails, mountains and local villages This is truly unique experience and one we highly recommend for fun and excitement for all levels of riders. Package includes return transfers and beers in the bus for the journey home.

    Come on!!!

    What’s included?

    This Bali ATV / Quad Biking activity includes :

    • Transport from villa to quad bike location
    • Safety briefing
    • Helmet and lower leg protectors
    • Simple hot lunch
    • 1h 40 min quad bike safari
    • Lockers and shower (towels are provided)
    • Transport back to your villa
    • 3 beers each on bus home


    • 9:30 am Pick up from villa
    • 11:00 am Safety briefing
    • 11:15 am Safari starts
    • 1:15 pm Arrive back at base. Clean up and have an ice cold beer.
    • 1:30 pm Lunch
    • 2:00 pm Depart and enjoy beers on bus on the journey home
    • 4:00 pm Arrive back at villa

    Price: US$99

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    Questions and Answers

    Where is it?
    In Kerta, which is just north of Ubud. Beautiful mountain setting among the villages and single dirt tracks. About 1h30 – 1h40 from Seminyak / Legian.

    Do I need to bring any glasses or goggles?
    They aren’t essential but we would recommend that you bring your own goggles, sunglasses, or other form of eye protection. The quad bike site provides helmets and lower leg protectors but they don’t provide goggles. You can easily get dust or dirt in your eyes. If you really want, you can buy some goggles from the quad bike operator.

    Can I wear flip flops?
    No. They don’t offer any protection for your feet in the event of an accident. It’s also hard to change gear if you wear flip flops. The semi-automatic gear change requires you to change up a gear using the top of your foot. Flip flops provide no protection and you can easily damage your toe or foot. You should wear closed shoes with laces like running shoes. You will get some mud or dirt on them so don’t wear the shoes you plan to wear out to the nightclub later the same night.

    Is it dangerous?
    Yes. If you go too fast, you can very easily injure yourself seriously or even fatally. Although this very rarely happens. Pay attention to the safety instruction, drive safely, and follow your guides and all will be OK.In the safety briefing, you’ll be warned to be careful not to hit a fence because you’ll have to pay the farmer to fix it! Even worse, don’t hit one of the many small temples in the villages because you’ll have to pay for the entire religious ceremony that is performed after the damage is repaired. And you do not want to to be doing that.

    How dirty will I get?
    This depends largely on the weather. If it’s been raining you’ll likely get a mud splashes all over your clothing. In dry weather, there’ll be no mud, just dust.

    How many people can ride at once?
    We can accommodated up to 25 people as follows:15 quad bikes (9 single, 6 tandem)10 buggies.The maximum capacity can be increased to 31 people if 12 people share the 6 tandem bikes.

    What bikes are they?
    Imported 4-wheel drive Kawasaki quad bikes. Equipped with a semi-automatic 5-speed gearbox, these beasts are fast.

    How long is the safari in total?
    Around 1 hour 40 minutes covering 12 km of steep and winding dirt tracks along small roads through villages. There are a couple of photo stops and one tea and coffee break near the end before the final stretch home.

    Are there lockers for valuables?
    Yes. You can leave valuables in the lockers provided at the quad bike site.

    Are showers provided?
    Yes. Very basic showers and towels are provided

    Is lunch provided?
    Yes, a simple hot buffet lunch.

    Is insurance provided?

    What should I wear and bring?
    You need to bring the following:
    – Clothes to wear on the quad bikes.– Shorts or trousers and a t-shirt are fine (you’ll be given leg protectors if you wear shorts.)– Closed shoes (don’t wear flip flops or sandals with open fronts)– Glasses or other form of eye protection

    Are other times available?
    Yes. There is an earlier shift, which entails a 7am pick up. This allows you to complete the activity and gets you back home by around 1:30 pm.

    What safety equipment is provided?
    – Helmet– Lower leg protectors (if you wear shorts)– Sunglasses/ goggles to protect your eyes from the dust.– Closed shoes


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