Bali Surf Lessons

    In a half-day program you’ll learn all you need to get yourself standing up on your board and surfing the waves into the famous Kuta beach.
    Bali Stag - Surfing
    USD 59


    Learn to surf on the famous Kuta beach under the instruction of Bali’s top surf school:

    • Group surf lessons for you and all your mates
    • ASI (Academy of Surf Instructors) Certified Instructors
    • Max 3 surfers per instructor
    • Guaranteed to stand first lesson
    • Transport to / from your accommodation
    • Beers on the bus as you travel home


    What Happens:

    In a half-day program you’ll learn all you need to get yourself standing up on your board and surfing the waves into the famous Kuta beach.

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    You’ll start with 30 minutes of theory but the rest of the lesson will be in the ocean. You’ll receive personal coaching on how to get yourself on your board and catch a wave. Your instructors are always close at hand while you’re in the water and will give you tips and coaching as you take your first steps to becoming the next Kelly Slater. You will learn: surf safety, board basics, understanding the surf, positioning, paddling, catching waves, control and standing up on your board. This is for complete beginners. You’ll learn to surf in a safe and controlled environment (there is an option for more experienced surfers – refer to Q&A below). We provide you with boards that are super safe and easy to ride while selecting surf that is appropriate for complete beginners. All the instuctors are ASI certified and your group with a have a ratio of a maximum of 3 students per instructor. You’ll stand-up and ride a wave on your first lesson. We guarantee it!

    What’s included?

    This Bali Surf Lessons activity includes :

    • Pick up from your accommodation
    • 2.5 hours of Bali surf lessons
    • USD10,000 comprehensive insurance
    • Sun protection surf shirts, sun screen and zinc
    • Refreshment drinks
    • Certificate of surfing (upon request)
    • Showers, clean towels and changing room
    • Lockers / safety box
    • Use of our top of the range Australian imported training boards (G-boards)
    • 3 well earned beers to sink on the journey home


    The itinerary varies somewhat depending on the start time for your lesson. The surf lessons are timed to coincide with the right tidal conditions for your level. This is so that the waves you practice on are ideal for your level. Pro surf school sets the times in a couple of weeks in advance based on forecasted tides. A sample itinerary could look something like below (but might vary a bit given the start of your surf lesson time):

    • 1:30 p.m. Pick up from your villa / accommodation
    • 2:00 p.m. Surf lesson
    • 4:30 p.m. Depart for villa (for guests doing the VIP villa party) or accommodation.

    Note: Between January and March the tide changes in Bali and can cause the beach in Kuta to become quite dirty. As such, we recommend that you don’t do surfing on Kuta beach between January and March.

    Price: US$59

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    Questions and Answers

    What do I need to bring?
    Just a towel, sun-cream, and board shorts.

    Is lunch provided?
    No. But there are a large number of places to eat near the surf school. The surf school itself also has a great restaurant. All tastes and budgets can be accommodated.

    Are drinks / refreshments provided?

    Do I need prior experience?
    No. This is for people that have no prior experience with surfing.

    What’s the format for the teaching?
    You’ll have around 30 minutes of theory before spending the rest of your lesson in the ocean. We have one instructor to a maximum of 3 students so you’ll receive all the tuition and attention you need to stand up in your first lesson.

    What if there are people in my group that can already surf?
    If you have people in your group that are slightly more advanced, they can join another group with another instructor who provides instruction for surfers that have already completed a beginner course and are ready to catch some serious waves. In total there are 6 levels of surf tuition offered. Level 6 (Intermediate III) is for people who are ready to tackle bigger waves on the reef.

    Should I go out drinking the night before?
    No. This is full day surf lesson and you’ll need your energy. We take all necessary steps to ensure your safety but if you show up not feeling well, don’t go surfing.


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