Bangkok Shooting Challenge, Dinner & Club

    Bangkok Stag Shooting Challenge
    USD 158

    pick up journey to the battlefield


    At 1pm we’ll pick you from your hotel and take you to the best shooting range in Bangkok. This range is staffed by professionals and has secured a special cooperation with the Thai Royal Police in Bangkok, they offer a wide selection of guns and guarantee your maximum safety.

    activity briefing


    Find out who is the sharpest shot within your group in Bangkok with an exclusive shooting competition at Bangkok’s leading shooting range. After instruction and a practice round, the challenge begins…

    event 1 pistol accuracy


    The first events of the day is the pistol accuracy competition. You and your mates will have 10 bullets with a classic pistol. Whoever gets the most point wins.

    event 2 machine gun accuracy


    Now it’s time for the real hardcore stuff. You’ll be equipped with machine guns to finish of your targets.

    clean up & ride back chill out & have a few


    The highest score from all the shooting events wins. The winner will receive a well earned beer. In fact, everybody receives beer. At 4:30 p.m after some well-earned relaxation, we’ll take you home in the comfort of our air-conditioned Ludih Bus. With beers of course.

    dinner & club


    At 7:30 pm we’ll pick you up from your accommodation and get you to dinner at Siam@Siam one of Bangkok’s top restaurants. At about 11:30 pm we’ll take you to the Levels Night Club where you can party the night away!

    Price: USD 158

    What’s included?

    The Bangkok Shooting Challenge, Dinner & A Club includes:

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