26 Sep 2012

Customer Story: Richie Pugh Stag Week, Bali Aug. 2012

The man

Hailing from the UK, Richie embarked on an expat lifestyle in 2008 in Singapore with a career in the financial services industry.  After 4 years of fast living and hard drinking, Richie finally met his match and decided to settle down with the lovely Serena.

So a stag party was required.

But this party animal – not to mention his strident mates – would not be content with a simple stag party.  They wanted a party that was off the charts.

Richie – a former professional footballer – rounded up 20 of his soccer teammates, friends from Singapore and a few from the UK and a plan was set for a 6-day mega stag in Bali organised by Ludih.

The party

The lads loved the luxury villas they stayed in. And some of them even made it up in time for breakfast of their choice prepared by a private chef in their villa.

These guys were all about Bali by night.

There were no planned daytime activities for these animals.  Days were generally spent drinking at Potato Head.  But there was plenty planned for the night.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were all big nights out.  The lads partied hard at all the usual spots.  Sky Garden Lounge; Maria Magdalena’s; Cocoon and La Vida Loca all did well that week courtesy of Richie Pugh and his mates. Several of the lads were regulars at La Vida Loca at dawn and rechristened it “Desperados”.  The reasons for this are obvious to anyone who’s ever been there.

The partying reached fever pitch on Saturday night with the luxury villa party followed by a VIP night out at Hu’u bar which rolled on to Mint in Seminyak.

As much as they needed it, Kudeta’s legendary bikini party on Sunday precluded any rest for these boys.  Ludih hooked them up with tickets for the Bikini party and the boys scored themselves a table in a great spot.  They hit it hard. Again.  One of the group even featured in the Kudeta bikini party video!

Monday was the end of it.  Only a few breakfasts were consumed.  And more than a few trips to the pharmacy were made before the island of Bali was left to rest.


What they said

Here is a selection of the comments they made on Facebook after the event:

“Still cannot stop laughing at these posts and pictures, the best 5 day party binge iv ever been on. You guys are legendary. I am completely ruined but so worth it. See you all soon for more strident behavior.” Lee, Australia

“THE best stag trip I have ever been on! Well done lads u did a great job! Ludih rules!”.  Gareth,  Australia

“The pool party is a must. I’m coming back again soon.”  Andrew, Singapore

“what a weekend!!”, Joby Vietnam

“had an amazing time in Bali for Richie Pugh stag due what an amazing place and what amazing people to go with………………. It nearly killed me but was well worth it” Stephen, Singapore

Richie himself summed it up quite succinctly:
“Stag do , done ….unbefuckinlievable”

Enough said.  Thanks Richie and all your mates for letting Ludih help organise your stag week in Bali.