Ludih Lads

In 9 years since our launch we have grown to a team of 40 people across South East Asia and work with the best suppliers in every country in which we operate. But essentially, we’re all about the same things as we were when we started, bringing you amazing experiences at the best prices!

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Everyone loves the Ludih Lads.  And you and your crew will too!  The Ludih Lads are the special ingredient that turns a great party into a party that is off the chain.

When you and your friends roll on into your villa party or onto your luxury yacht, the Ludih Lads will be there waiting for you. The first thing they’ll give you is an ice cold beer.

How’s that for introduction.

They’ll stay with you for the entire party and your night and will be serving you beers; making your drinks; joking with you; playing games and may even have a dance with you! Later on, when you and your crew hit the club, they’ll be coming with you.

There ain’t no party like a Ludih party!  And it’s the Ludih Lads that get your party to the next level.

Are you and your crew ready to party with the Ludih Lads???

Questions and Answers

Who are the Ludih Lads?

The Ludih Lads are the guys that party with you and your crew.  They are lovely local lads who are superb to party with.  You and your crew will fall in love with the Ludih Lads!

What do they do?

The Ludih Lads are there to party with you, but nothing else.  At your party or on your yacht, they’ll serve you drinks and food.  Share loads of jokes and banter with you and your friends.  Play a few games. Share some drinks with you.  Maybe even have a swim in the pool or dance with you. When you hit the town they’ll come to the club with you and make sure they party keeps on rocking!

How many Ludih Lads will be at our party?

Normally, we use 1 Ludih Lad for every 4 guests on a luxury yacht parties on in a luxury villa party. But if you want more, just let us know and we can make it happen.

How long do they stay with us in the club for?

After your party, the Ludih Lads will come to the club with you. They’ll stay for a minimum of one-hour. However, if they’re having a good time with you guys they’ll stay for longer. But that’s up to them.

Do I get pick which Ludih Lads come to my party?

No.  We select all our Ludih Lads to be great looking, great fun and great to party with. We’ll make sure that the Ludih Lads at your party make it one you and your crew will never forget.