21 Nov 2012

Macau : Best Clubs for a Stylish Night Out

Macau’s Best Clubs

At the time of writing, Ludih is about to open in Macau and I spent a week there in early November meeting with potential suppliers and checking out venues for our parties etc.  Of course, I took full advantage of the opportunities to sample many of Macau’s best clubs whilst I was there.  There are lots of clubs in Macau and I have come up with my top 2 picks for the best clubs in Macau.

Why only 2 you might ask?  Frankly, much of Macau’s nightlife is centered around karaoke, saunas and hostess type places.  These are a dime and dozen and easy to find.  We want to give Ludih’s customers some direction on the cooler clubs to roll in.  Somewhere you could go out with the guys, have a great time, meet some cool local chicks and have a good night of partying.  Two clubs stand out in this regard.

Club Cubic

Located in City of Dreams in Cotai, Club Cubic is the biggest club we’ve seen in Macau.


Located in City of Dreams in Cotai, Club Cubic is the biggest club we’ve seen in Macau.  It’s huge and regularly brings in top DJ’s.  Club Cubic is genuinely a cool place to hang with the boys.  Whilst many of the clientele will be couples you will find a few groups of decent girls on a night out with whom you can strike up some banter.  There is the odd obvious hooker knocking about but not too many which keeps the vibe decent.  It’s a cool, stylish, glitzy club with clientele to match.

Friday’s and Saturday’s are normally busy and during the week they have a few good nights:

Tuesday : Industry Night
But is usually quiet.

Wednesday : Ladies Night
It’s normally packed and is a great night to meet ‘locals’ that live and work in Macau and are on a night out.

Thursday: Models Night.
Also draws a crowd of the beautiful people.

If you’re in a big group think about booking one of the VIP rooms which sit on the mezzanine level overlooking the club.  They have all the decadence and amenities you can imagine and are a great place to which to invite some chicks you might have met on the dancefloor!

If you’re in Macau on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday definitely include Club Cubic in your nighttime plans.

Our other recommendation is the ultra-cool, China Rouge.

China Rouge

This is an uber-exclusive invitation-only nightclub in the Galaxy Entertainment complex on Taipa (just off the Cotai strip).


This is an uber-exclusive invitation-only nightclub in the Galaxy Entertainment complex on Taipa (just off the Cotai strip).

Invitation only?  Really?  Yes –  you only get into China Rouge if you’re a member or you’re invited.  But if you’re lucky enough to get in you can look forward to a top night.

The first thing to strike you will be the super-chic east-meets-west design that is evident from the moment you walk in.  Inspired by 1930’s Shanghai (when the city was known as the Paris of the East), the feel is strongly reminiscent of one of the most stylish of eras spiced up with some modern contemporary art by well known Chinese artists.

But it’s the stage where you’ll be fixing your eyes.  China Rouge is a genuine cabaret club that brings in the best talent from all over Asia and the world.  You’re guaranteed an eclectic mix of performances on any evening and won’t go away disappointed.

China Rouge also has an extensive wine list and skilled bartenders that can mix just about any cocktail you can come up with.

Admittedly, it’s not a great place at which to meet a group of girls on a night out – since it has a cabaret club setting everyone is sat at tables and there’s not much chance to mingle.  But China Rouge is a great place to go as a group of couples or mixed group.  Find some ladies at Cubic on one night and invite them to join you and your crew at Club Rouge on the next night!

China Rouge is busiest on Friday and Saturday and closed on Tuesdays.

So, we’ve covered the cool and stylish nightclubs in Macau.  But you might have heard of other clubs in Macau.  What about these?  Here are our thoughts on some of the other better known clubs.

Other Nightclubs in Macau

D2 in AIA Tower opposite is well known and I first went there back in 2008.  At that time it was a very solid late night club.  Many of the girls who worked in the local karaokes, clubs, etc would go there to party after they knock off work.  So at 3AM it would be rocking with a bunch of people looking for a great time.  I am sad to say the quality of clientele appears to have declined a little over time.  On my most recent trip it was a meat market of hookers and guys looking for the same.  Not nearly as much fun as it used to be but is still an option if going home at 3AM is just not an option for you and your crew.

One of my friends also recommended Divini (also in AIA Tower) so we checked it out.  This is really a hostess cabaret club where you go with the guys and enjoy the company of a bunch of chicks who keep you company.  The unique thing about Divini is that all the chicks are Eastern European.  This is obviously a big attraction to some people (particularly mainland Chinese).  The girls are friendly and quite happy to have a bit of banter with the boys.  When I was there we rented a VIP room upstairs which had it’s own karaoke and we had an awesome night.

Need help?

If you’re planning a party in Macau, let us know.  We can hook you with awesome parties in luxury hotel suites and VIP at all the best clubs (including the invitation-only China Rouge).  Contact Us Now.

We’re always keen to get your ideas for Macau.  Give us your personal recommendations for Macau’s best nightclubs by leaving a comment below.

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