15 Feb 2013

Macau Stag : Our 7-step Best Man’s Guide

Macau Stag : A 7-step Best Man’s Guide

Macau Stag: Our 7-step Best Man’s Guide

Planning a Macau stag?  Want to stay in style in best hotel suites in town?  Do you like to roll VIP in limos and be on the guest list of the best clubs?  How about a party in your hotel suite with beautiful girls to serve the food and drink?

Here’s our guide to help the best man organise the ultimate Macau Stag that all your mates will be raving about…

1) Stay in luxury hotel suites

Macau Hotel Suite

For your Macau Stag make sure you avail of the best luxury hotel accommodation Macau has to offer .  We recommend you book a suite at the best hotel in Macau for the main man and then a block of standard rooms adjacent to the suite for the rest of your crew.  This keeps the prices reasonable and gives you a suite to hang out in together to maximise the banter.  You’ll also want to be organising a party in your suite.  More on that later.

2) Stretch limos


As soon as you get off the ferry, make sure there are a fleet of limos waiting for your crew.  And the only vehicle you want to rolling in all weekend is a stretch limo.  Limos are great value on Macau – organise stretch limos to take your crew everywhere you need to go.

3) Have a party in your hotel suite

Macau Hotel Suite Party

You’ve got a pimping suite at the best hotel in town.  Make the most of it and organise a party in your suite.  Get the hotel to supply the food and drink and organise some beautiful chicks to serve it all to you and party with you.

4) Roll VIP in all the top clubs

Macau VIP Clubbing

Make advance bookings at the top clubs in Macau (we recommend Cubic and China Rouge).  When you and your crew rock up, you’ll be escorted straight to your own table and have the benefit of waiter service all night.  The local chicks will be flocking around you like bees around honey.

5) Go for a spa

Macau Spa

Few things bond you and your crew like hanging out together naked in a pool together.  Get your entire crew over to Rio Spa in the Rio Hotel or Sauna 8 in the Golden Dragon Hotel for the ultimate male bonding experience.

6) Go horse racing

Macau Horse Racing

If you are in town on Friday, check out the horseracing at Macau Jockey Club.  We highly recommend getting a luxury box so that you and your crew can enjoy the races in style.  You need to be a member in order to do that.  Ludih is a member and can hook you up with a luxury box with our Macau horse racing package.

7) Plan early

Finally, make sure you plan early, get quotes from a few suppliers, set a provisional budget, review it with the groom and get it out to your crew at least 2 or 3 months before your stag.

To get everyone committed, start to collect money.  Collect USD 100 from everyone as soon as you can to get them committed and then you can start to make bookings with hotels, clubs, limos and arranging the weekend of your lifetime for you and your buddies.

If you do all the above, you’ll organise a stag that your mates can only dream of and you’ll be a hero with everyone for making it happen.

What does it all cost?

You might be thinking a weekend like this will cost an arm and a leg and be out of reach of most of your buddies.  Think again.  Macau is superb value for a stag weekend.

Ludih offer Macau Stag night packages from USD 248 per person and Macau Stag weekend packages  from USD 388 per person.  It’s amazing value for a weekend you and your crew will never forget.

If you want to ask about Ludih helping you to plan your Macau stag, Contact Ludih and we’ll sort you out with everything you need and prices you won’t believe.