22 Mar 2013

Macau Stag: Best Restaurants

Macau Stag : Restaurant Guide

Macau Stag: Best Restaurants

You’re planning a Macau stag and you want to know which are the best restaurants for dinner for your stag party. Lining the  stomach with some quality fare is vital preparation for the boys before the big night out.

Macau has a high number of restaurants that are suitable for a meal with a large group of guys.  Here’s our guide to the best restaurants to feed your crew on your Macau stag.


Macau Stag: Best Restaurants - Antonio's

Located in a small street in the historic Taipa village this family run eatery offers a
fully authentic Portuguese experience for a high quality meal on your Macau Stag


  • extensive menu of delicious, hearty and authentic Portuguese food
  • setting, decor, wine list, staff are all traditional Portuguese.
  • singing guitar player who wanders through the restaurant.

Price: MOP 400 – 500 for 3 courses
Location : Rua Dos Negociantes, Taipa Village, Taipa, Macau

Mortons, The Steakhouse

Macau Stag: Best Restaurants - Morton's Steak House

There’s nothing like a steak for your Macau stag party dinner.
And nowhere in Macau offers better steaks than Mortons.


  • Arguably the best steaks in the world
  • Legendary service and classic decor give Morton’s that Gentleman’s Night Out feel
  • Morton’s private dining rooms are perfect for a large group of rowdy guys

Price: MOP 400 – MOP 800 for 3 courses
Location: G/F, The Venetian, Cotai, Macau

Clube de Militar de Macau

(Macau Military Club)

Macau Stag: Best Restaurants - Morton's Steak House

Take your Macau Stag a step back in time at this classic
colonial club and dining room.


  • Classic colonial decor, service and experience
  • Extensive menu of truly superb Portuguese food
  • Lunch and dinner set menus and specials
  • Portuguese wine at great prices

Prices: MOP 250 – MOP 400 for 3 courses (Lunch buffet and set dinner from MOP 150)
Location: Avenida de Praia Grande 975, Macau

Robuchon au Dome

(formerly Robuchon a Galera)

Macau Stag: Best Restaurants - Robuchon au Dome

A long established and world famous Michelin starred restaurant in Macau,
Robuchon au Dome offers the very finest of French cuisine.

If you really want an exquisite culinary experience on your stag night in Macau, Robuchon is the
place to go.
Naturally, Robuchon au Dome offers a classic French ambience too formal for most stag party dinners.
So, if you’re planning on going to Robuchon for your Macau Stag dinner, make sure you book one of
the private dining rooms. Then you and the boys can enjoy a bit of banter without worrying about being
told to keep the noise down.


  • Exquisite Michelin starred French cuisine
  • Superb selection of wine presented by a knowledgeable someliers
  • The highest standards of service

Price: MOP 700 – 1200 for 3 courses
Location: Grand Lisboa, 43/F, Avenida de Lisboa, Macau Peninsula, Macau

Restaurante Litoral

Macau Satag: Best Restaurents - Litoral

Offering authentic Portuguese fare with a Macanese influence, Litoral is a great
place for a 
reasonably priced and delicious dinner on your Macau Stag Party.


  • Menu full of a mix of delicious Portuguese and Macanese favourites
  • Good selection of Portuguese wine at reasonable prices
  • Classic but informal setting works well for a large group

Price : MOP 250 – 400 for 3 courses
Location : Rua do Almirante Sergio 261-A, Macau

Note: Cafe Litoral located in Taipa Village (opposite Galaxy Hotel) offers similar fare and experience and is another good option for your Macau Stag party dinner.

A Petisqueria

Macau Stag: Best Restaurants - Petisqueria

Portuguese food. Simple and unpretentious.

A Petisqueria provides a casual option for a hearty authentic Portuguese meal washed down with more than a few bottles of Superb Bock or Portuguese wine to kick off your bachelor party dinner in Macau.


  • traditional setting in Taipa village
  • simple and tasty classic dishes
  • very casual so it’s OK if the boys get a little noisy

Price: MOP 250 – MOP 350 for 3 courses
Location : 15 Rua de San Joao, Taipa, Macau

McSorley’s Ale House

Macau Satag: Best Restaurents - Mc Sorley's

If you don’t fancy Portuguese food and you’re looking for a quick, casual and hearty
feed for your Macau Stag dinner, McSorley’s Irish pub could be the answer.

McSorley’s offers classic pub grub and burgers served in a traditional Irish pub.


  • hearty meals
  • reasonably priced
  • good selection of beers

Price : MOP 250 – MOP 300 for 3 courses
Location : Ground Floor near West Lobby, Venetian Hotel, Cotai, Macau

Fernando’s Restaurant

Macau Stag: Best Restaurants - Fernando's

I mention Fernando’s, not because it’s a great choice for a stag party dinner,
but because everyone coming to Macau seems to have heard of Fernando’s
and wants to eat there.

Whilst perhaps being among the best known of all Portuguese restaurants in Macau, Fernando’s is better for a casual lunch with the boys than it is for dinner for your stag party. The journey down to Hac Sa beach in Colane is a relatively long and windy road. And don’t expect any of the trimmings of a fine dining restaurant; Fernandos is open air and super casual.

Nonetheless, Fernando’s has a strong loyal following and many still make the pilgrimage down to Hac Sa beach every time they visit Macau.

Price: MOP 150 – 250 for 3 courses
Location: 9 Praia de Hac Sa, Coloane, Macau

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