Phuket Go-karting & Dusk ‘til Dawn

    Phuket Go-karting Dusk til Dawn Party
    USD 386

    pick up journey to the circuit


    At 1pm we’ll pick you up at your villa and travel to the circuit. And did we mention that we close the track to the public? Yep, you and your mates get the WHOLE track to yourselves. This means there’s no one else in your way as you try to sideswipe your mates.

    activity briefing


    You may have had some fun on go karts in the past but those go karts were nothing like our go karts. Why? Because these go karts go 70 kmph. That’s not just sorta-kinda fast. That’s damn fast.

    start your engines


    After some F1 style practice, qualifying rounds, and race, you or one of your mates will claim undisputed champion of the track.

    clean up & ride back chill out & have a few


    When the smoke clears and the smell of burnt rubber fills the air, we’ll give prizes to the champions that have earned them. But even the losers win. During the award ceremony, you’ll have plenty of well earned beer to pass around. At 4.30pm jump back on Ludih’s air-conditioned bus where you’ll enjoy a few more beers on your way back.

    beach bar sunset drinks


    At 5pm we will take you and your crew to start the evening at one of the Phuket’s cool beach bars. Have a few cold ones over sunset and to chat to a few young local ladies while you’re there. We’ll hook you up with where to eat and – most importantly – where to party on your first night.

    dinner &
    night out


    At 7.30pm depart for dinner at at Phuket’s top restaurant – Siam Supper Club. At 10pm we’ll hit a ‘gentleman’s club’ then end the night rolling VIP in the best club in town. We will handle all the reservations and bookings. All spend at the restaurant, gentlemen’s club and club are the responsibility of the customer.

    awesome extras take your party to the next level

    from USD43

    Phuket Stag - Stretch LimoStretch LimoExtra Ludih LadiesLudih LadiesExtra SpiritsExtra SpiritsExtra BeersExtra Beers

    Phuket Stag - Stretch Limo

    Stretch Limo

    USD129 per hour

    Upgrade your travel to the club and make a real entrance in a stretch Limo. Available on a per hour basis. Perfect for that trip from your villa to the club as you roll VIP for the night. Maximum capacity 10 guests.

    Extra Spirits

    BBQ Lunch

    USD25 per person

    Upgrade your lunch to top quality BBQ combining of meat and seafood that certainly goes down well with your ice cold beers whether it be on board your private yacht or villa, this is a real treat!

    Stretch Hummer

    Extra Ludih Ladies

    USD100 per Ludih Lady

    Our standard party package comes with 1 Ludih Lady per 4 guests. And you and your crew will love them. Why not share the love even more and get a few extras Ludih Ladies. We can give you as many Ludih Ladies as you like.

    Extra Spirits

    Extra Spirits

    USD59 per bottle

    Do you and your crew party hard? Can you really put the booze away? If so, consider upgrading our package and get a couple of extra bottles of spirits for your party. Buying from us might be half of the amount you’ll pay in the club later. So why not make the most of it and get a couple of extra bottles for your party so that you hit the club fully buzzed?

    Extra Beers

    Extra Beers

    USD39 per crate of 24 beers

    Are your boys beer monsters? If so, consider getting a few extra crates of beers.

    vip night out party in style


    We’ll transport your entire crew to the best club in town on our air-conditioned buses for a night out as VIP’s in a top club. Our Ludih ladies will accompany you there and help get the party into top gear. Party as hard as you like for as long as you like!


    From USD 98

    What’s included?

    The Phuket Stag Go-karting and Dusk ‘til Dawn Package includes:

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