Phuket Shooting, Villa Party & VIP Night Out

    Phuket Shooting & Villa Party
    USD 257

    pick up journey to the battlefield


    We’ll take you to the best shooting range in Phuket. This range is staffed by professionals and is fully equipped. Between the indoor shooting range and the clay pigeon range, this place has got it all. You and your crew will compete over 3 events: pistol accuracy, sniper rifle accuracy and clay pigeon shooting. At 2pm we’ll pick you up and transport you to the shooting site in our air-conditioned vans.

    activity briefing


    Find out who is the sharpest shot within your group in Phuket with an exclusive shooting competition at Phuket’s leading shooting range. You and your crew will compete in 4 shooting challenges. Whoever gets the best score from all four events walk away the winner. And everyone walks away with beer.

    event 1 pistol accuracy


    The first of 3 events for the day is the pistol accuracy competition. After instruction and a practice round, you and your mates will have 10 bullets with a classic .45 calibre pistol. Whoever gets the most point wins.

    event 2 sniper rifle accuracy


    Now it’s time for the real technical stuff. You’ll be equipped with a snipers rifle; laid on the floor and asked to pick out minuscule targets from distance. Only the steadiest of hand and mind will prevail at this test of nerve.

    event 3clay pigeon shooting


    Now it’s time for you to finish things off with a bit of style. You’ll practice your country gentleman skills with some clay pigeon shooting. Using a double barrel shotgun, you’ll have 5 shots at flying objects (clay pigeons). Make sure to find your footing because this double barrel shotgun has one hell of a kick.

    clean up & ride back chill out & have a few


    The highest score from all 3 shooting events wins. The winner will receive a well earned beer. In fact, everybody receives beer. At 4:30 p.m after some well-earned relaxation, we’ll take you home in the comfort of our air-conditioned Ludih Bus. With beers of course.

    villa party the party starts here


    You and your crew will rock at your designer villa late-afternoon to get the villa party started. As you arrive, you’ll be greeted by our delectable Ludih ladies as they hand you the first drink of many. You’ll have all the beer, spirits and liquor that you need. You’ll even have your own DJ and banging sound system to spin the tunes you and your crew need to get the party jumping. Hungry? Not for long. You’ll have your own chef to cook dishes to order.

    awesome extras take your party to
    the next level

    from USD25

    Phuket Stag - Stretch LimoStretch LimobbqBBQExtra Ludih LadiesLudih LadiesExtra SpiritsExtra SpiritsExtra BeersExtra Beers

    Extra Spirits


    USD25 per person

    Upgrade your lunch or dinner to top quality BBQ combining of meat and seafood that certainly goes down well with your ice cold beers whether it be on board your private yacht or villa, this is a real treat!

    Phuket Stag - Stretch Limo

    Stretch Limo

    USD129 per hour

    Upgrade your travel to the club and make a real entrance in a stretch Limo. Available on a per hour basis. Perfect for that trip from your villa to the club as you roll VIP for the night. Maximum capacity 10 guests.

    Stretch Hummer

    Extra Ludih Ladies

    USD100 per Ludih Lady

    Our standard party package comes with 1 Ludih Lady per 4 guests. And you and your crew will love them. Why not share the love even more and get a few extras Ludih Ladies. We can give you as many Ludih Ladies as you like.

    Extra Spirits

    Extra Spirits

    USD59 per bottle

    Do you and your crew party hard? Can you really put the booze away? If so, consider upgrading our package and get a couple of extra bottles of spirits for your party. Buying from us might be half of the amount you’ll pay in the club later. So why not make the most of it and get a couple of extra bottles for your party so that you hit the club fully buzzed?

    Extra Beers

    Extra Beers

    USD39 per crate of 24 beers

    Are your boys beer monsters? If so, consider getting a few extra crates of beers.

    vip night out party in style


    We’ll transport your entire crew to the best club in town on our air-conditioned buses for a night out as VIP’s in a top club. Our Ludih ladies will accompany you there and help get the party into top gear. Party for as long as you like and since the villa is yours until 11 a.m. the next day, you can bring the party home. Go for it. Party as hard as you like for as long as you like!

    Price: From USD 257

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