04 Sep 2012

How to organise a villa party in Phuket?

Phuket Villa Party – How to make it happen

You and the boys are going to Phuket.  Like other smart people visiting Phuket, you have the great idea to rent a luxury villa and organise your own villa party.  You’re thinking about plenty of beautiful girls to party with; loads of great drinks and a DJ perhaps.  Sounds good!

At Ludih, we are serious about having fun and share our tips on how to create a rip-roaring villa party in Phuket that you and your crew will never forget.

Basic ingredients

Every good villa party in Phuket is made up of the following essentials:

  • Beautiful girls
  • Luxury private pool villa
  • Great DJ and pumping sound system
  • Superb drinks
  • Delicious food

Sound about right? Here’s how you make it happen.

Beautiful and fun girls

Ludih LadiesThe obvious source of girls to party with in your villa in Phuket will be the bar girls in the many go-go bars in Patong. They can be hired quite easily and are an OK choice, but not your best one. Many of the bar girls can be a little shy and will often be somewhat apprehensive about coming to a villa with a bunch of tourists. Also, language barriers can sometimes be a problem.

Don’t necessarily look for the ones that are drop dead gorgeous. You want girls who are super good looking but also loads of fun. It’s imperative that the girls aren’t shy; have great banter; are comfortable walking around in the daytime with a skimpy bikini (surprisingly not all bar girls are); happy to play in the pool and ideally, know how to make superb drinks and serve food.

We find the best place to find such girls are those working as dancers; part-time models; touts for nightclubs and bars or even working in other tourist industry jobs such as property agents, guest relations in hotels, waitresses, etc.


Find a local contact who knows the scene and find some girls to help.

THB2000 – THB3000 will normally be enough to convince a great looking girl, who is loads of fun and speaks good English to come party with you at your villa. But make sure you make it crystal clear exactly what you expect from the girls. You don’t want to set an incorrect expectation and risking either the girls or your mates being disappointed.

Luxury private pool villa

Phuket is full of luxury private pool villas. Many have breathtaking open ocean views. We particularly like to use the villas on millionaires row in Kamala, some of which are out of this world. But, guess what? There are loads of groups of guys like you who would love to rent them and party like kings!


Phuket Chi Villa


There is a catch however.

Not all villa owners and agents are willing to rent their 7-bedroom multi-million dollar cliff top villa to a bunch of guys who they think will use it to party like animals. So you need to shop around and find a great villa for which the owner / manager is willing to rent it out to a large group of blokes.Don’t try to deceive the villa agent by not mentioning the massive party you’re planning or by telling the villa manager that you’re a group of mixed couples.

All the villas have service staff and security and they will make sure the villa management know as soon as a large all-male party checks in, let alone when your party kicks off. This will just end in disappointment so make sure you square it all away with the villa manager before you book.If they know you’re having a party and are happy with it, you can ask the villa to help you supply you with glasses and ice for your drinks and plates for your food (see more later).


Phuket Chi Villa


The villas we like are the ones on Millionaires row and surrounding areas in Kamala. We normally hold our villa parties in Phuket at Villa Chi, Villa Yoosok, Villa Fantasy or The Bell Villas (the latter being a slightly less expensive option). Expect to pay THB40,000 – THB50,000 plus per night (or more, depending on the season) for a luxury clifftop villa with open ocean and sunset views. This might sound like a king’s ransom, but it’s worth it if you want your party to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

DJ and Sound System

Don’t try and save a bit of money on this and plug your iPod into the villa’s stereo system. As good as the villa’s sound system might be it won’t get the air moving and party rocking like a top DJ. A good DJ can read the crowd and play the right songs at the right time. And get the DJ to organise or bring his own sound system. You’ll need proper speakers with some power to get the boys and girls dancing and in the mood for a great time.

There are many freelance DJs for hire in Phuket. You can search on-line but the best is to find a local contact who knows people. Tell him the kind of music you like and ask for a few recommendations. Some of the DJs in Phuket publish their music via SoundCloud which is always useful. And, finally, don’t scrape on the sound system. You need decent size speakers and a bass unit to get the air pumping. Budget around THB6000 – THB7000 for a good DJ and equipment for 5 – 6 hours.


One of the advantages of having the party in your villa is that you don’t have to pay bar and club prices to get smashed. Whilst prices for drinks in most bars in Patong are cheap you can still save money buying your beers and alcohol wholesale. Ask your local contacts for the details of a local alcohol wholesaler. If you can’t find one, hire a small van and get yourself up to your nearest Tesco Lotus where prices are also cheap.

How much drink do you need? And what drinks to buy?

This depends largely on how much you and your mates prefer beers to spirits or liquor. You will be drinking in the villa for several hours so make sure you get enough. There’s no better way to de-rail a rocking party than to run out of alcohol when the party is in full swing!

For groups that are heavy beer drinkers (I’m thinking teams of Aussie or South African rugby players) you might want to go up to 12 – 16 beers per head. We’ve hosted parties where even more that amount has been consumed. Even for groups who are heavy liquor drinkers, we don’t recommend having less than 4-5 beers per head. Everyone will have a couple of beers and some will sink loads.

Bali Bucks PartyFor liquor, we recommend a minimum of one bottle between 3. Heavy liquor drinkers will want two bottles between three or a bottle each depending on the size of their drinking boots. And, make sure you get ice and mixers hooked up. You’ll need at least double the volume of mixers to alcohol for most drinks.

If you budget around THB800 – THB1000 per head for alcohol you’ll be able to get plenty. And always make sure you have a few extra of your favourite beers and spirits in case you run low on supplies.

(You could also hire a fully staffed bar with cocktail makers etc but this will cost more.)


Sitting in a luxury clifftop villa; the sun setting behind the beautiful bikini clad girls frolicking in your infinity pool; a DJ pumping out our favourite tunes; sipping on your favourite drinks, you might imagine that food will be last thing on your mind. Not true! We all need to eat and make sure you don’t overlook the opportunity to give your mates a top spread.

Before you say it: Don’t order pizza or a delivery from the local Thai stall! You’re sat in a million dollar villa in the party of a lifetime – give your boys the full VIP treatment and get something a bit more classy.

We recommend you hire a local caterer who is able to cater for larger parties. Get simple and hearty food for your lads done gourmet style. You don’t need lot of variety just the favourites: gourmet beef burgers; fish and chips; a pasta dish; a thai curry and few Thai snacks is normally enough to keep everyone happy.

For top quality catered food, you don’t need to budget much more than THB600 – THB700 per head. Do it. The lads will love it.

What does it cost in total??

We have given prices for everything above. And, in our experience, for a group of 20+ boys, you can make this happen for under THB5000 per head. And, believe us it’s worth every Baht!

Putting it all together

So with everything set up and organised what time should you kick off the proceedings and is there anything else to do?

We recommend that you keep the boys out of the villa for the day (send them off on a adventure activity like quad biking, white-water rafting, golf, etc) and have them arrive around 5pm.

While they’re out, get everything set up. Get the drinks chilled; the bar set up; the girls can get their make-up sorted and look beautiful in their bikinis; the DJ and sound system are ready to roll.

As the lads walk in they will be blown away by the villa, the DJ will be spinning his tunes and the beautiful girls will be handing drinks to your crew. After a while the delicious food will arrive.

The sun will set and more drinks get drunk and the party gets into full swing after a couple of hours. And the rest, as they say, will be history in the making.

Villa parties like this are off the chain and you’ll be a hero for making it happen.

Need some help?

Want to create a party like this but don’t want the hassle of setting it up. Contact Ludih. We organise luxury villa parties just like this in Phuket (and across Asia) all the time. You can see our phuket villa party on our Phuket Stag Party page. The best part is that we do all the work and you pay the same price as if you had done it yourself. How’s that for helping you to look like a hero?

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