03 Dec 2012

Phuket Beach Clubs: Top 3 Beach Clubs in Phuket

Phuket Beach Clubs :

We have experienced the opening of 3 notably cool new Phuket beach clubs in the last couple of years.  All the best ones are located in the ‘Northern’ half of Phuket –  these beach clubs offer a cool and more stylish scene and are a cultural galaxy away from the go-go-bars of Patong.

We highly recommend all 3 of these new Phuket Beach Clubs and here is our review of each them.


Phuket - Catch Beach Club

Located at Surin Beach, Catch is the most lively of the new crop of Phuket Beach Clubs.  It draws a diverse and eclectic crowd day and night.

Spread across two sides of the road: One side is a restaurant offering a range of food including sushi and seafood. The other side is the casual beach bar by day and a happening open air beach club by night.

Of the beach bars in Phuket that we cover here, Catch is the most relaxed and casual but also the most lively.  The crowd is diverse and mixed but everyone is friendly and out to have a good time which gives it a good holiday party feel.

And, unlike the other beach bars in this post which are very quiet at night, there are always people at Catch just about every night.  This is because Catch has really good local DJs playing every night.   The music is usually club versions and remixes of popular music we can all relate to.  The management of Catch also make the effort to create a party atmosphere, the DJ’s are supplemented by live musicians (e.g. saxophonists or guitarists) who play to the beat of the DJ while wandering amongst the crowd.  You can also expect to see other entertainers; e.g. on my most recent visit Catch had it’s own fire dancers put on a show.

Our advice: You definitely have to check Catch Beach Club out if you’re in Phuket. Come late afternoon, stay through sunset and kick on through for as long as you can party. Or come late at night and bring the madness until the early hours. 


Phuket - Xana

Run by the guys from Attica (of Singapore and Shanghai fame), this Phuket Beach Club is well credentialled.  Xana is one of the newer kids on the Phuket Beach Club block and is still fairly quiet at day and night.

That said Xana is an open spectacular venue with chic and über cool decor. This gives Xana an upper class and stylish vibe as opposed to that of a more relaxed beach club.  It’s only a matter of time before Xana’s reputation spreads and it draws a crowd day and night.

On the negative side Xana is a little out of the way. Its in Laguna but getting there entails a winding drive with only a few directional road signs.  And if that’s not enough, you have a long walk from the car park to the beach club.

When it comes to bringing in top international DJs Xana is leads the way among Phuket Beach Clubs. At the time of writing Xana has scheduled a large number of top international acts for headline events.  Examples include : Frankie Knuckles, Jeremy Healy and Carl Cox. When these boys are in town Xana will be packed and will the only place to be.

Our advice: Xana is a good spot for a relaxed day in a chic setting with a (mainly) trendy crowd. Give it a miss after sunset unless there is a top international act in town in which case don’t miss Xana for the world!


Phuket Bliss Beach Club


Bliss is another worthy addition to the Phuket Beach Club scene.  It is located in Bang Tao (around 1km behind the large Tesco Lotus at Bang Tao) and celebrates its first birthday at the time of writing.

Bliss is well designed beach club.  It has a casual and relaxed feel – not quite as casual as Catch.  And it is also very cool but not as pretentious as Xana.  But Bliss does offer a great place to spend the afternoon and watch the sunset.

It draws a crowd that appreciates its comfortable and trendy setting, excellent selection of food and drinks and good service.

Bliss can be busy during the day but is normally very quiet at night.  It really only kicks off when they are having a visiting act or special event.

Our advice : go there late afternoon and stay for the sunsets which can be spectacular.

Planning a party in Phuket?

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