27 Aug 2012

Top 5 locations and ideas for a hip and cool Bucks Party in Asia

Bachelor Party?  Bucks Night?  Stag Do?  Boys weekend away?  Call it what you will…all that matters, is that you’ve got the nod from the boss for an overseas trip with your crew for one hell of a party.  But you need some ideas to pick the best location for a bachelor party in Asia!  You want to party hard but you also want somewhere that is cool and hip and affords a certain degree of luxury and VIP status that befits you and your crew.  With so much diversity in terms of nightlife, activity and cost which is the best location in Asia for a hip and cool bachelor party, stag weekend or bucks night and also offers parties that are off the chain?

Focusing on guys who not only like to party hard but also party in style with the VIP treatment and in the lap of luxury, we provide our Top 5 best ideas and locations in Asia for a hip, cool yet rip-roaring bachelor party in Asia.   Here are our ideas:

1) Bali

Many people think of Bali as a bit chilled out.  But when it comes to cool and hip parties for a group of guys on a stag trip – think again!!!!

A Bali Bucks Party offers an amazing package of all the ingredients you need for a rip-roaring bachelor party.  Think of parties in luxury villas; luxury yacht trips; afternoons spent chilling at some of the coolest beach bars in Asia Pacific and a raging night-scene at some super cool clubs  that go on well into the morning.  Oh, yes, and there are loads of Indonesian girls who love to party hard!!!


Easy to get to from most major cities in Asia and Australia; uber-cool and hip bars and clubs; rocking night scene




The bars and clubs in Kuta (e.g. Paddy’s and Bounty).  They are full of young kids getting smashed on 2 dollar cocktails.

Must Do

Hire your own luxury villa and have a luxury villa party with a DJ, great food and drinks and beautiful girls to party with.

Bali is the best place on earth for place for a rip-roaring stag party. For more activities and ideas visit our Bali Bucks Page.

2) Singapore

Singapore? A top location for a bachelor party?  You’re kidding me, right?  Nope.  With its new casinos and focus on tourism, Singapore’s night scene has had a massive growth spurt in the last few years.  Singapore now competes with the best places in the world for a hip, cool and trendy night scene.

There are numerous rooftop bars around Marina Bay offering various scenes, music and crowds.  And, some new clubs such as Pangaea and Avalon have given clubbers new options to the old faves of Zouk, Velvet and Attica.  Singapore’s restaurant scene is also top class; with several Michelin starred chefs and other superb restaurants, finding a venue for that special last supper with the boys is easy.


Easy to get to from anywhere; loads of superb hotels; world-class food and night scene.


Expensive.  Make sure you call your credit card company before you go.


The uber-tourist scene at the bars and restaurants on Resorts World Sentosa.

Must Do

Hire a luxury box for your crew at Singapore Turf Club and spend the night gambling before hitting a cool club as VIPs.

Singapore’s nightlife is amazing and options abound with regard to what do you with your crew at day or night. For more in formation visit: Singapore Bachelor Party

3) Phuket

Whilst Phuket is beginning to develop a newer more hip and trendy scene with the launch of some cooler venues it doesn’t yet have the depth of somewhere like Bali for a rip-roaring night in a cool setting.  

Of course, there a a huge number of go-go bars etc.  But where can you and your crew have a great time and still party in style?

We think your best options for cool bachelor party are to create your own luxury villa party or have your party aboard a luxury yacht.  Fill the yacht or villa with great drinks; find a caterer who can provide top quality food; get a DJ; and hire a bunch of beautiful classy chicks to serve it all up to you and your crew.  Now that makes for an awesome party for your stag, bachelor or bucks!

Also make sure you and your boys get some time on either Red Mountain or Blue Canyon Golf courses.  They are among the best in Asia.  And, no matter how hip you and your crew are, no bucks party is too cool for a walk down the famous Bangla Road where go-go bars abound.


Cheap and easy to get to; crazy nightlife; superb and affordable huge cliff top villas where you can organise your own party


Not much diversity in terms of nightlife.  It’s all a bit seedy and not easy to meet women who aren’t ladies of the night.


Spending too much time in Bangla Road.  You’ll go blind.

Must Do

Hire a superb yacht and create your own luxury yacht party with loads of drinks, great food and beautiful girls to party with.

Ludih’s Phuket Stag parties are a once in a lifetime party.  And, we don’t make this statement lightly. Find out more here:  Phuket Stag Party

4) Bangkok

Bangkok offers great value for money for any lads weekend away.  Combine that with great hotels; loads of cool clubs; a plethora of hostess clubs and a friendly Thai culture and what can go wrong?

Not much.  If you’re thinking Bangkok for your stag weekend, think no further.

Our favourite activity for the bachelor night party is to rent a pool in one of the renowned gentleman’s / hostess clubs in Bangkok and have your own private pool party with the girls that work in the club.  This is not to be missed.  The bikini clad girls will take superb care of all your boys.  And, when you’re done head to a cool club or restaurant.  Although, you might find that your crew have such a great time in the hostess club that they don’t want to leave. 😉


Massive party scene; many new cool and hip bars, clubs and restaurants; loads of girls who love to party!


Can be a bit tacky if you don’t have someone to guide you to the right places.


Spending your entire bucks weekend in go-go bars in Soi Cowboy or Nana.  Bangkok has so much more to offer.

Must Do

Private pool party at a gentleman’s club.

5) Macau

Anyone who has lived in Hong Kong for a more than a year or so will undoubtedly have been to a bachelor party in Macau.  Nearly all expat stag parties for Hong Kong based expats are held on the island of dreams.

Do the normal thing and play golf on Saturday morning before heading into Macau on Saturday afternoon.  Get yourself into a sauna and spa early evening, then back to the hotel before dinner at the Robuchon a Galera, restaurant in Hotel Lisboa.

Later hit the tables – we recommend The Venetian and The Sands.  When you’re ready get yourself a VIP table in the Cubic nightclub in the City of Dreams Complex before going to D2 Club in the AIA Tower (opposite Grand Emperor Hotel and Casino).  D2 is where a lot of the girls who have been working in the hostess lounges, karaoke and as dancers go to party when they knock off work – the party goes on well past sunrise so bring some shades for the cab ride home.


Has all the basic ingredients off to a tee – golf; saunas; casinos and nightclubs.  Super easy to get to from Hong Kong.


Awkward to get to unless you live in Hong Kong


The heavily promoted but tacky and touristy Fisherman’s Wharf.

Must Do

Eighteen Sauna at Golden Dragon Hotel

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Ludih has loads of packages ideas for bucks parties, bachelor parties and stag parties across Asia Pacific.

We want to know what you think?  Which city in Asia offers the best blend of a rocking party scene with a cool, hip and trendy vibe?

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