At Ludih, we have a team of people on the ground at every location. Our local knowledge of the newest and coolest joints and our relationships with all the leading venues and activity providers which allows us to vet them for reliability and quality. 

We have been doing this since 2010, creating amazing parties and luxury experiences for amazing value whilst keeping it a hassle free experience for our customers!



Ludih takes all the hassle away from creating a great weekend away or an amazing party no matter the occasion.  And, we do it for the same price as it would cost to do it yourself.

We want to help people just like us to enjoy the high-life combined with unique and unforgettable travel and party experiences that this amazing world has to offer. And we want to take all the hassle out of planning and organising trips, tours, parties and events for a variety of reasons.  Wouldn’t it be great if someone else could take care of all the planning? How cool would it be if we could just tell someone else what we wanted to do and let them take care of everything so that we just pay and show up?  

And that’s exactly what Ludih does. You tell us what is going to make your stag party, hen party, sports tour, weekend away, music event, corporate out of office or simply a weekend away the best it can possibly be - or choose from the many predefined packages we have created for you. Think big. Think unforgettable. Make your choice. And then let us do the rest. You just need to: Sign up. Pay up. And show up. Or, as we like to say at Ludih: Just Press Play. 

Ludih was founded to meet these very real needs of busy professionals and expatriates wanting the ultimate in party experiences without the hassle of organising anything. 

Another fundamental goal of Ludih is to give our customers amazing value and the same they would pay if they were dealing directly with the suppliers themselves.