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"Stag do, done ....unbefuckinlievable"

Richie, Wales

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"Still cannot stop laughing at these posts and pictures, the best 5 day party binge iv ever been on. You guys are legendary. I am completely ruined but so worth it. See you all soon for more strident behaviour"

Lee, Australia

“THE best stag trip I have ever been on! Well done lads u did a great job! Ludih rules!”.

Gareth, Australia

"The pool party is a must. I’m coming back again soon"

Andrew, Singapore

"what a weekend!!"

Joby, Vietnam

"had an amazing time in Bali for Richie Pugh stag due what an amazing place and what amazing people to go with................... It nearly killed me but was well worth it" 

Macca, Sydney

"A jaw dropping weekend of banter! The villa party was quite honestly the best party I have had with the lads!"

John, Singapore

"The best ever!  The Bikini party at Ku De Ta topped off an amazing weekend organised by Owen and his team of Ludih staff!"

Adam, Singapore