Macau Stag: Nightlife guide

A guide to where to go at night time on a stag party or bachelor party in Macau. Best clubs. Best gentlemen’s clubs. Best restaurants and suggested itineraries.


You’re planning a Macau stag  and you want some ideas on what to do at night.  Do you need some guidance on which clubs to go to; where to take the boys for a good meal;  where’s a great bar for cigars and whiskey; which are the good gentlemen’s clubs in Macau that offer a great time for the lads without being ripped off; how to plan a night out?

If so, you’re in the right place. Read on.  

Macau is undoubtedly a city best experienced by night.  And here’s our tips on what to do after sunset on your bachelor party in the Vegas of the East.


If you’re planning a Macau stag  you owe it to be rest of the boys to make sure 

they end up in a club which will give the stag party a great end to the night. The clubs that work best for a group of guys on a stag night in Macau are as follows: 

  • Cubic - huge mega club in City of Dreams that often brings in top international DJs. 

  • Lion’s Bar - smaller club, cool atmosphere and great for smaller groups

  • D2 - a classic after hours clubs and a great spot to the end the night

For more information on these and other nightclubs that are great for a Macau Stag  see our guide to the best bars and clubs for a Macau stag  

Whiskey and Cigar Bar

If your Macau stag night entails want a quiet hour or so with the boys savouring some fine Cuban cigars over a few glasses of top quality malt whisky, The Macallan in Galaxy Hotel is the place to go.  

The lads will love the fully authentic ambience and huge selection of fine malts and Cuban cigars.  See address and details in our guide to Macau’s best bars and clubs 

Gentlemen’s Clubs

A gentlemen’s club offers the option of a more ‘traditional’ type of entertainment for your Macau stag.  Many options abound.

Our favourite gentlemen’s club in Macau is Divino.  

The girls take great care of you and you’ll enjoy the banter with them.  The more champagne you buy them the more fun they are.  But be careful not to buy them too many bottles of expensive champagne or you’ll run up a bill that you’ll need to call your bank manager about the next day.

More details on Divino can be found in our guide to the best bars and clubs for a Macau stag party 

Other (more racy) options exist.  

These include the Crazy Happy Show on the 10th Floor of the Golden Dragon Hotel.  This is a full on ‘live adult performance’.  Prices start at MOP 400 - MOP 500 per person for the show.  Drinks are extra.

MP3 is a pole dancing club which offers an amazingly cheap all-you-drink option in the early evening for as low as MOP 120 per person from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.  If watching naked girls dance on poles is your thing, MP3 is a good option to get the night kicked off.


Before the big night out, make sure you get the guys properly fed.  Not all restaurants in Macau will work for a bunch of guys out on a stag party.  Here are our top picks: 

Portuguese and Macanese: 

  • Antonio’s

  • Restaurante Litoral

  • Clube Militar de Macau (Macau Military Club)

Western and fine dining

  • Roubuchon au Dome
  • Mortons

All of these restaurants are described in more detail in our guide to the best restaurants for a Macau bachelor party .

Note: Mortons and Robuchon au Dome are fine dining restaurants and other patrons will be expecting the quiet and sophisticated ambience one would normally associate with a world class restaurant.  If you’re taking the boys in there on a stag dinner make sure you book a private dining room so that the boys can get a bit rowdy without disturbing the other diners.  The staff in either restaurant will be happy to hook you up.  

A private party in a luxury hotel suite

One of the things that is exclusive to Ludih for Macau Stag parties is a private party in a luxury hotel suite .  Book a luxury suite in a top hotel in Macau.  Fill it with great food, loads of great drinks and beautiful girls to serve it all to you.  A private party in luxury hotel suite  is a superb way to kick off the the night.  

Suggested itineraries

Ludih has several itineraries for you to choose from for your Macau stag  night.

Luxury Hotel Suite Party and VIP Night Out

Start your Macau stag night with a private party in a luxury hotel suite.  Rent a beautiful suite for the night; order great food; enough drink to floor an elephant and enlist the support of some beautiful hostesses to serve it all you.  But the fun doesn’t stop there.  

Arrange for a fleet of stretch limos to pick you up and take you the best club in town where you’ll have bottle service and VIP status.  

High rollers night out

Start your evening at the tables in a top casino.  Then it’s on for dinner at a top restaurant.  After dinner, you’ll relax in an awesome cigar and whiskey bar.  Then the fun starts as you enjoy VIP treatment in an exclusive gentleman’s club,  End the night rolling VIP at Macau’s Best nightclub.  Ride in a stretch limo to every venue. 

Gentlemen’s Night Out

Enjoy dinner at one of Macau’s top restaurants then Cuban cigars at a plush cigar lounge.  End the night rolling VIP at Macau’s Best nightclub.  Ride in a stretch limo to the restaurant, cigar lounge and to the nightclub.

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