Planning the Ultimate Phuket Stag Weekend

7 steps to plan a Phuket Stag Weekend - a best man’s guide


One of your boys is getting married and a stag weekend is in order.  You’ve heard about Phuket and it’s golden beaches, gorgeous babes and electrifying night scene and you are thinking of Phuket for your stag weekend.

But this isn’t just any old weekend in Phuket.  This is your best mate’s last weekend away with the lads as a single man.  It needs to be special.  A weekend that everyone who attends will never forget.  You want amazing villas to stay in; parties that are off the chain; some adventure and definitely a surprise and treat or two for the groom-to-be.

Here’s our guide on how to plan the ultimate Phuket Stag Weekend  that your mates will be raving about forever.

1) Get everyone there

This is important.  The more people that come the better the stag weekend is.

Lock in the dates: As soon as possible fix a date (ideally at least 3 months in advance).  Let people know the date and tell them to block it in their diaries.  Tell them to arrive on Friday (before 9pm) and depart on Sunday (after 5pm).  

Make a basic plan:  Do your research, talk to suppliers, planners and organisers. Send out details of what’s in store on this Phuket Stag Weekend to your mates so that they stay excited (more on this below).  

Keep the costs low: Set a budget of what you think people can afford.  Work with the lowest common denominator.  Within your group of friends some will be earning more than others; some already have families while others are still single so you need to find a budget that works for everyone.

We like Phuket because you get so much for your money.  For example, we at Ludih offer a Phuket stag weekend package  for USD 299 which includes luxury villa accommodation; transfers; parties and activities.  This is a great weekend and surely won’t break anyone’s bank.   

Get your best mate on-board with the plan:  Talk to your best mate who is getting married and tell him what you have planned.  Get him to buy into the plan and help sell it to the group citing you as the person who is setting it up.  

Get people to book:  Most genuine mates will be there for a stag weekend come hell or high water.  But we’re all too familiar with a few people who will cry off last minute with claims of work commitments; money woes; ill pets and all manner of excuses.  You can avoid this by getting people to commit.

People are committed when they have paid.  

There are two ways to do this.  Either get them to send you a small amount of money (say USD 100) as a deposit which you can use to make bookings.  Or, get them to book their flights.  Budget airlines offer cheap flights particularly if you book early.  Book your own flight as soon the dates are agreed and send details of your flight to everyone telling to book the same flight (or to arrive at the same time if they are flying from elsewhere) and to send their bookings to you so that you can coordinate airport pick ups.  You’ll soon know how many people are committed based on the flight bookings they have or haven’t made.   

Encourage those that haven’t booked yet to do so by sending out an email of all those that have booked and entice them with details of the other arrangements you are making.  

More this follows...

2) Arrange top quality luxury villa accommodation

This is your best mate’s last weekend away with his mates as a single man.  Make sure the accommodation is absolutely top notch.  Phuket has a whole host of luxury villas  to choose from and prices are very reasonable.  For less than USD 100 per person per night you can expect to stay in some amazing villas.  

Make sure that the villa you choose includes an airport pick up.  Even better, arrange for beers in the bus that picks you up so that you can sink a few cold ones en-route to the villa.

Another must-have is a breakfast prepared daily by your own chef in your villa. Most of the top villas have this and make sure that it is included as standard in the villa you book.  

And, if you can, get a very large villa where everyone can stay together.  It’s much better for banter when all the lads are in the same villa.  Even if it means sharing rooms and one or two people have to sleep on a couch or rollaway bed, do it.  It’s always best to have all the lads in the same villa to maximise the time together and the banter that goes along with that.  

3) Get some good advice on where to go at night

Do your research and figure out which bars are happening on what days and at what time.  

Phuket is full of tourist trap lame girlie bars that you should stay away from.  Do your research online or ask a friend (or Ludih) that knows Phuket for sound advice. 

Think about going to Phuket’s cooler beach bars and clubs  in the afternoon or sunset.  

There are loads of restaurants to choose from which suit all food types and budgets.  Even the top restaurants in Phuket are still very reasonably priced.   

If you want a crazy night head into Patong.  We like Suzy Wong’s Devils playground which is the pick of the pole-dancer go-go-bars in Patong.  Hollywood is also good for a late night and has a truly ‘eclectic’ crowd.

4) Book a daytime activity on the Saturday

Since you’re in Phuket for a whole weekend, you definitely want to spend Saturday doing an activity with the lads.  Phuket has loads to offer in this regard.


The adventure style activities we like best (and therefore offer) are:  ATV Jungle Safari;  Muay Thai Training Camp; shooting competition with live weapons; paintball battle and a go-kart grand prix on a private track closed to the public. 

We even have a guide to the best daytime activities in Phuket  on our blog.  The cheapest ones start at USD 39 per person


Phuket also has some world class golf at Blue Canyon and Red Mountain .  If you have a lot of golfers in the group, you need to be playing one or both of these courses.  

Luxury yacht party

And, if you and your crew crave a party on the ocean waves, a party on a luxury yacht cruising the beautiful islands of Phuket is hard to resist.  This is hard - but not impossible - to organise on your own.  If you need help to set it up, we at Ludih have created a luxury yacht party  package that includes all the food and drink you need; a luxury yacht and beautiful girls to serve it to you.  As with everything we offer at Ludih the price we charge is the same as if you organised and booked it yourself direct with the various suppliers.

As you can see the choices are immense.  Discuss it with your mates and book what works for the group.

5) Organise a pool party in your luxury villa

One thing you have to do is organise your own private pool party in your luxury villa in Phuket.  

You could do this on your own.  We have even created a guide to organising a villa party in Phuket  to help you do this.  But, frankly it’s not easy to organise a full party in a Phuket villa yourself; it will take quite a bit of time to pull together and even then you may not be able to get everything you need.  

We’d recommend that you find someone local who has a great track record of organising luxury villa parties to do this for you.  Of course, at Ludih this is our flagship product and we organise more luxury villa parties in Phuket - and across Asia - than anyone.  We give you enough alcohol to floor an elephant; great Thai and international food; your own DJ and beautiful girls to serve it all to you.  We even include a VIP night out in Phuket’s top gentleman’s club and nightclub as part of the package.  And at prices as low as USD 99 it’s an absolute steal.   So, if you need help, we’ll certainly make it a party you will rave about .

Since you already have the villa, you’d be crazy not to make full use of it and throw a party you and your mates will never forget.

6) Have a surprise for your mate

It’s a stag weekend so you definitely want to do something to your mate that he’ll never forget.  

One simple idea is to arrange for the girls at one of the gentleman’s clubs to get him up on stage and play a few tricks on him.  The girls at Suzy Wong’s are ace at this and will have everyone in stitches.  

Another one we like, which is completely unique to Phuket is the ladyboy tandem bungee jump .  This is definitely a side splitter.  They’ll even given you a DVD of the whole thing for posterity.  

Don’t tell your best mate that you have this planned for him.  Just spring the surprise on him when you arrive.  Then watch the look on his face.   

7) Look after your best mate

Finally, you’re the best mate of a guy who is getting married soon.  Have some fun at his expense but know where the line is and make sure it doesn’t get crossed by any of the lads.  He’s relying on you to look after him.  So, bring him home in one piece and make sure he enjoys the weekend as much as - if not more than - everyone else does.

Need some help?  

Ludih arranges Stag Weekends in Phuket (and other cities) in Asia for hundreds of people every year.   You can see our other ideas for Phuket stag parties <link to Phuket stag main page>.  Or just get started <link to get started> by asking for more info and a chat about our ideas for you.